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Valve Won’t Commit to a Date for TI10 or the DPC

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Ever since the start of the global pandemic, the fate of the Dota 2 International became unclear. With the latest tweet from Valve, the DPC joins the club.

We had a feeling something like this might happen. After all, we saw IceFrog’s yearly tweet a few days back and it was a sad one. No The International, no TI finals, and no champions this year. You could say it was a hint that the big Dota 2 event won’t be happening in 2020. It’s pretty much certain at this point.

A day after IceFrog, Valve decided to join the conversation with some more bad news.

Not only is there no exact date for The International 10, but also for the next season of the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC). On one hand, we totally understand that Valve can’t commit to a schedule given the current global circumstances, as usually there are LAN events in the DPC. For the last six months though it became quite apparent that high-quality Dota 2 events can be held online without any issues. Thanks to the coronavirus the competitive side of the title became strictly regional and that’s what we were expecting to see with the new season.

The DPC this fall was supposed to scrap Minor events as a whole, reduce the number of Majors tournaments and introduce all-new regional leagues. Those will include the best from the region but will also have some amateur teams in a separate division. It really sounds great and we’re wondering why Valve can’t at least give players some certainty regarding the DPC.

The only thing we can take from all this is that nothing is certain. The International 10 is probably going to get postponed to 2021 as there’s almost no chance Valve will be able to fit the event in 2020. Many hoped that the Dota Pro Circuit will resume this fall, but that might not be the case. Valve have promised an update as soon as possible, but that could be a week, a month, or by the end of the year.

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