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Valve remove TobiWan's voice lines from the Battle Pass after harassment accusations

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Well, that escalated quickly. The #metoo movement has gained traction and everyone could be next when even Toby “TobiWan” Dawson came under fire.

In the past week, the esports scene has been hit hard. The #metoo movement has made its way into the competitive part of Dota 2 and both players and casters are under fire for sexual harassment. The latest one to have a finger pointed at him is no other than Toby “TobiWan” Dawson. He’s basically the most famous caster in the Dota 2 scene and some of his comments have become a part of the game’s history.

The allegations against Toby came from Botjira and Meruna, the latter being the girlfriend of Troels “SyndereN” Nielsen Toby’s most recognized co-caster. The duo has been an integral part of many high tier events and fans will usually associate them with The International. TobiWan was quick to give a response, detailing everything that happened.

Meruna didn’t initially tell the full story and decided to not go into details, but after Toby’s response, she had something to say.

As a result of the allegations, Toby will probably never cast again. Code Red Esports stated that they’ll no longer be representing Dawson. Beyond The Summit followed that example as David “LD” Gorman said they’re also cutting ties with the famous caster. Synderen also mentioned he’ll no longer associate himself with Toby.

Edward "PyrionFlax" Forsyth also tuned in with his side of the story and how he regrets staying silent for so long.

One of the few people to take Toby’s side is his wife, Amy.

So far nobody has presented any actual evidence and we doubt anyone will as all the stories have taken place years ago. It’s just one person’s word against another.

Valve removing TobiWan's voice lines

Valve’s response was rather different as it didn’t include an official statement on the matter. Just the removal of all voice lines by TobiWan.

This is the fastest response by Valve, maybe ever. Toby’s lines were one of the favorite ones for many fans. Iconic sounds like “It’s a disastah”, “Nobody has ever done that, nobody has ever done that in the history of Dota” and others will be a thing of the past. Perhaps things will be taken to court, perhaps not. By the looks of it though, Toby might not be returning as a caster anytime soon if at all. Even if the accusations turn out to be false the stain on TobiWan’s public image will remain there.

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