At least Valve are doing something, which is rarely the case

Valve Patch Up CS:GO Trusted Mode Days After Launch

Trusted mode launch fail

I love the smell of failed Trusted Launch in the morning. (Image credit: MackTime432 via Reddit)

Valve have released a new CS:GO update and it has just two points to make: one is about fixing Trusted Mode and the other is about fixing Trusted Mode. If only these types of applications could be tested properly prior to launch. If only…

Trusted Mode Causing More Problems Than It Is Solving

Since its launch last week, CS:GO’s latest anti-cheating software Trusted Mode has enjoyed mixed reception. And by mixed reception I mean it’s been keeping players outside of the game for no good reason and affecting in-game performance for those that do manage to get into CS:GO at all.

That, can you imagine, has led to some discontent within the community. No one likes cheaters, but the price of not being able to play at all seems a bit too much. The guys at Valve have been on the issues for the past several days and they came up with a couple of quick updates.

The first one from Wednesday, July 9 came with the following patch notes:

  • CS:GO will now display an error if launched from outside of Steam.
  • Fixed a case where players in Trusted Mode would experience a framerate issue caused by certain third-party applications.

The second one from last night doubled down:

  • Fixed performance issue caused by third party applications repeatedly attempting to inject into CS:GO.
  • Fixed crashes caused by third party applications injecting into CS:GO.

It would have been great if these issues never occurred, but by this point, we’re kind of getting used to getting buggy messes at launch that need be fixed later as full-price game releases, so making a big deal of Trusted Mode not working properly seems like shouting in the desert.

Let’s hope we don’t need anymore patches for the anti-cheating software and it starts doing what it was originally supposed to – keeping cheaters, not regular players, away.

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Kiril Stoilov