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Valve extend Dota 2 Battle Pass Battle Level Bundle to July 2

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Dota 2 battle level bundle

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The exclusive Battle Level Bundle for the 2020 Dota 2 Battle Pass has been extended with a few more days for anyone who managed to miss it.

The Dota 2 Battle Pass in 2020 has been doing rather well since its release back in late May. While there’s still no exact date for The International 2020, the prize pool is piling up. More and more people are supporting the game through the Battle Pass and Valve made sure of that. By making this year’s Battle Pass skins exclusive there’s only one certain way to get them – by buying levels. A step further was taken with the Battle Level Bundle which was initially going to be available between June 25 and June 28. Today Valve announced that the period will be extended to July 2.

Most of the players are making wallet jokes and how it’ll be hard to resist the urge for another few days. For anyone unfamiliar, the Battle Level Bundle offers an extra 120 levels, 9x Immortal Treasure I, 6x Immortal Treasure II, and 3x Immortal Treasure III for $29,99/€26,75. There’s still a limit of two bundles per player, so anyone who already bought it won’t be able to do so again. Valve have definitely seen a spike in the prize pool as a result of the many sales.

Dota 2 battle pass prize pool graph

Image credit: dota2.prizetra.kr

Now that’s a huge leap which puts the current Battle Pass way ahead of any previous one. The question is, will it keep going higher? We expect it to slowly start dropping after July 2 and then rise again when the next big thing arrives. That might be the Summer Event which judging by the time of the year, should’ve already been here.

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