Riot’s anti-cheat is still problematic

Valorant's Vanguard causing BIOS issues

Valorant vanguard

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After already receiving tons of complaints about starting on boot the discussion around Riot’s Vanguard continues.

The intrusive nature of Riot’s anti-cheat is causing more and more concern. The company developed their own state of the art program to fight hackers but it’s currently giving everyone a harder time and not just cheaters. Some users were initially shocked to find out that the program has the highest level of access in their system. Riot were quick to assure players that it’s absolutely safe claiming the only purpose of Vanguard was to prevent hackers.

In the meantime, others reported lowered frames per second while the anti-cheat is active. The lower frame rates were affecting games and applications different than Valorant. As a result, Riot introduced an update to Vanguard, which allowed players to stop it or uninstall it much easier. If you’ve uninstalled Vanguard the only way to play the upcoming shooter was to install it all over again and give your PC another restart.

That’s not where everything ends though. The latest reports by players claim that Vanguard is playing at a whole different level and is now causing issues with BIOS itself. Users claimed that their mouse and keyboard stopped working and that their CPU cooling was disabled by Riot’s “revolutionary” anti-cheat.

We're working on ways to make the experience better. Our current notification pop-ups aren't as good as they could be and we're looking for ways to give you more control over how Vanguard works. We're happy to do anything we can to make this smoother for everyone as long as it doesn't give an opening for cheaters.

TL;DR: Expect improvements before launch.

We thought that we already covered the topic, but Vanguard is truly the gift that keeps on giving. At the end of the day, regular players are suffering much more than the actual cheaters. Hacking is still possible despite all the measures taken by Riot. The question is, are they worth it? Is Valorant worth installing when you consider the software and hardware risks to your system?

The Riot developer has left us with a promise of a better version before launch and we’re eager to find out if that’ll be the case. Stay tuned for more Valorant news.

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