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Valorant Agent Jett: Abilities and How to Play

Valorant Jett

Image Credit: Riot Games

The hype is real. Valorant is Riot's hot tactical shooter and we are slowly but surely getting the necessary information about the agents, gameplay, and economy. In this piece, you will find all there is about Valorant's agent Jett.

Jett's Abilities

As you know by now, every hero in Valorant comes with various abilities. Jett has four skills in total, including her ultimate and special move. Here they are:

  • Cloudburst – Jett drops a cloud of fog that messes up an enemy vision on impact. By holding the ability button, Jett will bend the trajectory.
  • Updraft – After a short hold, Jett will propel herself upwards.
  • Signature Ability – Tailwind – Instantly dash toward the direction you are moving.
  • Ultimate – Blade Storm – Surround yourself with several throwing knives. These knives do not deal a lot of damage but headshots are instant kills. Keep in mind that knife kills will restore all of your daggers. Left-click will throw only one dagger while the right-click will throw all of the remaining daggers in a single burst.

How to Play Jett in Valorant

As you can see from the abilities above, Jett is a very mobile hero. If you are into Overwatch, then you can easily compare Jett to Tracer. Both heroes are very fast and deadly.

However, you will not do very well if you decide to stick with your team. Your main goal as Jett in VALORANT is to mess with the other team either by flanking them, getting the higher-ground advantage or simply by being a nuisance in the backlines.

Both Updraft and Tailwind will enable you to move in and out of fights with ease. You should always use these two abilities to their fullest as they will set you up for success.

Truth be told, we do not see that much potential in Cloudburst. Even though your fog could get you out of some tricky situations, it is not something that can be applied all the time to get a jump on your enemies.

Jett abilities

Image credit: Riot Games

Last but not least, Blade Storm is an excellent ability for making picks. As mentioned above, your daggers will reset if you get a kill with them. If your accuracy is on point, you can win Valorant rounds single-handedly. If you are a clutch person, Jett’s ultimate ability is just right for you.

All in all, we can consider Jett as an assassin who will be tricky to play against. However, to get the most out of this hero, you will have to master the maps in play to capitalize on your fast movement.

That's it for our quick guide to Jett. Check out or how to play video on Jett below. If you want to learn about how the economy works in Valorant, we have outlined what we know so far here.


Valorant: How to Play Jett

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