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Valorant Act 2 Patch Was a Disaster

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Valorant’s patch 1.05 came out on August 4 and most of the players were excited about all the new content. Little did they know of the bugs coming their way.

Killjoy is live, so is Deathmatch and some cool new skins, but does any of that matter if the game is riddled with bugs and constant errors? Riot’s launch of Act II in Valorant has been an absolute mess. In fact, things got so bad that Riot had to temporarily disable an agent – Raze.

Furthermore, Killjoy is also getting disabled, but only in official tournaments. After all, the FaZe Clan Valorant Invitational is starting later today.

Sadly, we won’t be seeing the new agent on the pro scene right away, but maybe the next event will include her? Who knows, Riot are bent on fixing all the issues and some of them have already been cleared.

Riot’s Joe Ziegler also joined in with a comment to bring the spirits up and thank all the players for their continued support.

This isn’t the first time Valorant has had issues after a big patch. The initial launch of the game back in June was something very similar, but Riot managed to patch it up in a matter of days. We can only hope the same thing will happen again. It’s still sad that Killjoy won’t be played during the FaZe Clan event though.

Not Enough Experience in Deathmatch?

On to a much brighter and bug unrelated topic – players aren’t happy with the experience gained from playing Deathmatch. The new mode was added with patch 1.05 but became officially available a day later on August 5.

Players reported getting only 100 XP per match and it turns out Riot intended for the reward to be much higher – 500 XP to be exact. The Riot employee on Reddit also commented on players not being able to complete missions in Deathmatch:

If we allowed mission progress in Deathmatch, players would be able to complete any kill or damage related missions insanely quickly. Our intent was for this to be a warm up mode where players didn't need to worry about performance at all.

To be fair, we were thinking the same thing. Deathmatch was this highly requested mode that players have long asked for in order to warm up. Once it actually went live things changed. Deathmatch might not be perfect but it’s quick and it’ll get you in shape for an actual match, so why ask for more than that?

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