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That was a quick hiatus for Yoru!

Yoru Is Returning to Valorant

Yoru Returns in Valorant
After a quick fix, Yoru is back! (Credit: Riot Games)

Players discovered a peculiar bug in Valorant the other day that led to agent Yoru getting disabled by the development team. A day later, Yoru is back on the active roster!

The latest map in Valorant offered a different kind of experience, when compared to the old ones. Breeze was released with the start of Episode 2, Act 3, and didn't come without its fair share of bugs and glitches. One, in particular, was so game-breaking that Riot had to disable agent Yoru entirely.

The bug allowed Yoru to teleport inside the pyramid and plant himself there. This made it impossible for the enemy team to win the round.

Beware Yoru can tp into breeze pyramid to shoot + plant from VALORANT

While the bug was posted 5 days ago, it wasn't until the other day that Yoru got disabled in Valorant. Note that Riot did not mention why Yoru was getting disabled until today.

Yoru Is Back in Valorant!

Today, Riot announced the return of the Japanese agent, as Yoru is once again playable Valorant. The developers also revealed the reason for disabling the agent in the first place, and it was just what everyone expected.

Sure, they weren't specific about the pyramid, but it's totally that. Yoru mains can finally rejoice, as the agent can once again be picked. Despite numerous buffs, Yoru is still one of the most under-picked agents in Valorant. He was supposed to get some extra love with one of the upcoming patches, but seeing as the 2.10 update will be skipped, we might have to wait until June.


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