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Is it though?

xQc Calls Valorant Broken in Most Recent Rant

xQc Calls Valorant Broken in Most Recent Rant
What caused the rant? (Credit: Riot Games/will0mark via ArtStation)

In a recent stream, Félix "xQC" Lengyel called Riot's tactical shooter, Valorant, broken. Here's what caused the streamer's outrage and the rant that followed.

When it comes to streamers, Félix "xQC" Lengyel is one of the big ones for various reasons. He has been banned numerous times and his outbreaks are often quite amusing for Twitch chat. Lengyel plays a variety of video games on his stream and Valorant is also on the list. In one of his latest streams, the former Overwatch player was stuck in an overtime 1v1 when things got out of control.

The streamer was facing an enemy Sova and managed to dodge two out of the three Hunter's Fury shots only to get flanked and killed at the last moment. It all happened because the spike refused to plant on the edge of the site. As expected, this caused an outburst by xQc who went on ranting how Valorant is absolutely broken.

Right after getting killed, xQc didn't miss the opportunity to re-enact the battle with gestures.

It won't plant! Why? This game is so broken!...I can't do anything! How many things does this guy have?

This isn't the first time the popular streamer criticizes Valorant as he had issues with certain abilities back when the game first launched. Back then he had the following to say:

In Counter-Strike you rarely have a wall that has 3,000 HP, two lines of Viper shit, glowing fire, and flying people. There’s none of that in CS.

For all we know, xQc is definitely right with that statement. Then again, the two games are both shooters but Valorant has a lot more mechanics that you have to consider while playing. Right after the unfortunate clutch situation that caused his latest outburst xQc was able to shake it all off and focus on the next game at hand.

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