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The Latest Agent is broken!

Why Did Riot Disable Yoru in Valorant?

Yoru Breeze Disabled
Yoru broke Breeze! (Credit: Riot Games)

Riot Games has temporarily disabled Yoru and has not provided a reason as to why the agent cannot be used. Valorant players have speculated that Yoru was disabled due to a game-breaking bug on Breeze. Let’s take a look at the bug and what’s happening with Yoru on Breeze.

Yoru has not exactly had the smoothest start in Valoarnt as the agent still has a low pick rate even after several buffs. Now, the agent has been disabled because of a game breaking-bug discovered on Breeze. 

However, this is not the first time an agent has been removed from play due to bugs in Riot's Valorant. Omen was also disabled because his ultimate could teleport behind enemy lines and now Yoru is suffering a similar fate.

The Game-Breaking Bug on Breeze

Beware Yoru can tp into breeze pyramid to shoot + plant from VALORANT

In this short video uploaded to r/Valorant, you can see Yoru is somehow inside the Pyramid on A-Bombsite and even able to shoot through it killing other players. It is not exactly known how Yoru is able to get inside the Pyramids on Breeze but it could be due to the agent’s Gatecrash ability which teleports him. Yoru is able to reach an invincible cheat spot on A-Side and that has led to Riot disabling the agent until the spot is removed or fixed.

As of writing this, Riot Games has not directly addressed the sudden removal of the agent but merely posted an in-game notification explaining the agent has been temporarily disabled. Riot is clearly, albeit silently, investigating the game-breaking bug caused by Yoru and must be working on a fix. It's just too bad for anyone who was enjoying Yoru on Breeze as the agent did do well on the wide-open map.

When Will Yoru Be a Playable Again? 

Yoru should be playable again soon, but if Omen's bug was any indication of the time it takes to fix these things, it could take a couple of days for Riot to work it out. These kinds of bugs can be tricky to fix, but Riot is already aware of it, so we suspect the bug to be fixed within 24 to 48 hours

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