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What is the Valorant Champions Tour?


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The Valorant Champions Tour is underway and probably one of the most complicated tournament schedules out there, so we took the time to answer the question "What is the Valorant Champions Tour" and how it works.

The Valorant Champions Tour was announced back in 2020 and it was the natural continuation to First Strike. It’s the first attempt by Riot Games for a global competitive circuit in Valorant and it consists of three tiers of events - Challengers, Masters and Champions. Valorant’s competitive regions are somewhat similar to those found in League of Legends.

There’ll be three stages of the VCT in 2021. Each stage will feature three Challengers tournaments per region and one Masters. In order to qualify for Challengers, teams go through open qualifiers. The best in Challengers then earn the right and compete in Masters. So far so good. There are a total of three Masters events. We saw the first one in March, the second one will give us a taste of international play in Reykjavik, Iceland in June. The third and final one is set for September.

Once all three stages are complete the 16 best teams will compete in Champions. The big finale will take place in late November to mid-December lasting for a total of two weeks. Eleven of those teams will earn a spot directly through the points they’ve gathered throughout the year. The remaining five consist of the winner of Masters 3 and the four teams from last chance qualifiers set for October. The last qualifiers will determine one team from each continent that’ll get a spot in the most prestigious event of the year.

We hope that made things less confusing.