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It's time for some music!

How To Watch the Valorant wwFest Unlocked

How To Watch the Valorant wwFest Unlocked
Who'll be the special guest? | © Riot Games

Do you remember the first Valorant wwFest? Doesn't matter if you do or don't, there's already a second one on the way, and it's sooner than you think! We have all the details about the Valorant wwFest Unlocked.

Valorant is over a year old, and Riot Games are celebrating the game's anniversary with various events this month. June is a spectacle for all Valorant fans as we'll be getting a new Episode, a new agent, balance changes, competitive updates, and even a music festival. Let's talk about the latter, namely the wwFest Unlocked.

What is Valorant wwFest Unlocked?

The Valorant wwFest Unlocked is a music festival with various artists performing around the world. Each of the artists takes up the persona of a certain agent and does a playlist dedicated to that certain agent. The agents for this edition of the wwFest are yet to be announced, so stay tuned for an update! So far, there are 6 artists and a "special guest". The artists that we know are:

  • Aluna
  • Boombox Cartel
  • Juston Oh
  • Uknown Brain
  • Imanbek

As for the special guest, it might as well be a new agent. Remember that the first wwFest introduced Yoru. You can watch the Valorant wwFest Unlocked on the official Crown Twitch or Youtube channel.

When is the Valorant wwFest Unlocked?

Valorant's Epsiode 3 Act 1 is set to come out on June 22. The wwFest will be a few days later on June 25. The artists will perform in the following order:

  • Juston Oh - 6 PM CET
  • Imanbek - 7 PM CET
  • Uknown Brain - 8 PM CET
  • Boombox Cartel - 9 PM CET
  • Aluna - 10 PM CET

Dan Griffith aka GRYFFIN is the headliner of the show, but we're really curious about the special guest. Will GRYFFIN be the one to introduce the new agent during the wwFest? Will the new agent be KAY/O? The robot agent's poster said "17", but what about agent 16? Riot Games skipped a patch, but something tells us that they won't be skipping an agent. Perhaps more details will come to light in today's developer stream.

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