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Riot Tease Watch As the Next Map in Valorant

Riot Tease the Next Map in Valorant
Is Watch the next map in Valorant? | © Riot Games

The number of playable maps in Valorant increased to five with the introduction of Breeze in Episode 2 Act 3. The teaser for Episode 3 dropped some hints of the new map Watch.

If you thought that Valorant could use more maps, you're not alone. Riot's tactical shooter only has five maps and that's a year after its official launch. You could argue that number is pretty low, considering the shooter has a blooming competitive scene. Each of the maps so far has a specific mechanic tied to it – teleporters, ropes, and so on.

Valorant's Year One Anthem was released yesterday and it celebrated the game's one-year anniversary. In it, we saw some spectacular visuals and a slight hint of the next map in Valorant – Watch. In case you missed the clip, check it out below.

The Year One Anthem video also gave us a glimpse of the next agent in Valorant – Deadeye.

Valorant’s Watch Map Revealed

During previous trailers, we've always wondered if that floating platform above the city will ever be playable. We might have some good news after all. Allegedly the new map will be called "Watch" if we are to trust the video that is.

We can clearly see a nuclear reactor or at least what's left of it. This leads us to believe that there was some sort of accident that caused the floating map in the sky. Chances are, we'll find out what really happened once Episode 3 Act 1 goes live. In any case, the Watch map's nuclear wasteland is in quite the contrast when compared to Breeze which was a sunny resort.

Valorant Watch Map Release Date

There's no official info on a potential release date for the Valorant Watch map. It might be a total surprise with the release of Episode 3 Act 1 today or it could end up arriving at a later point during the episode. If we had to guess, the Watch map won't be coming out anytime soon, since we got Breeze at the end of Episode 2. This might mean we'll have to wait a couple of months before Watch becomes reality.

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