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VCT Stage 2 Winners EU & NA: Liquid vs. Fnatic!

VCT Masters
The best Valorant teams have been decided (Credit: Riot Games)

The VCT Stage 2 Challengers series has concluded, and we now have our winners. Liquid vs. Fnatic gave us an epic match for the ages in the EU Grand Finals of the Valorant Challengers Tour. Let's take a look at the winners in both the EU, NA, and other global regions.

What are the VCT Challengers & Valorant Masters LAN?

The Valorant Challengers Tour determines what the two teams from each region will compete in the Masters LAN. The Valorant Masters LAN will pit teams from each region and finally determine who is the best Valorant team in the world.

Liquid vs. Fnatic: The Epic Grand Finals Match

Team Liquid and Fnatic put on a stellar Grand Finals to determine the best squad in EU Valorant. Both teams have qualified for the Masters LAN that will take place in Reykjavík later this year. The Grand Finals match was a back and forth battle with no squad giving up an inch. The teams traded maps taking the best of 5 Grand Finals to a 5th and final map. Split would be the deciding map and Liquid would start off the match with an 8-0 lead over Fnatic, eventually taking the victory 12-7.  

What VCT Teams Qualified for the Masters LAN?

The top two teams from each region will compete in the Valorant Masters LAN

All VCT Winners So Far:

  • NA: Sentinals & Version1
  • EU: Liquid & Fnatic 
  • Korea: NUTURN
  • Japan: Crazy Raccoon
  • Southeast Asia: X10 Esports
  • Brazil: TBA 
  • Latin America: TBA

Sentinels dominated Version1 in the NA Grand Finals 3-0, but Version1 still upset the NA Valorant scene with their run. No one expected that Version1 would make it so far, let alone qualify for the Masters LAN over 100T or Cloud9. 

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When will the Valorant Masters LAN take place? 

The Master LAN will take place in late November and the best teams from each region will compete for the title of the best global Valorant team. At the end of the year, the qualified teams will travel to Iceland to compete in the LAN. 

We are beyond hyped to see the first-ever international Valorant tournament hosted by Riot Games.

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