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The Valorant Champions Field Narrows

VCT Stage 2 Challengers NA Finals Update: Winners, Losers & More

Version1 Valorant Pro Team
Version1 pulls off the win! (Credit: Riot Games/Version1)

The end is in sight for the Valorant Challengers Tour as both Andbox and XSET were eliminated from the VCT North American Finals on Day 1 of the competition. Version1, Envy, 100 Thieves, NRG, Cloud 9 Blue, and Sentinels will shoot it out in this weekend's finals.

Version1 pull off a roller-coaster victory over Andbox:

  • Haven: Version1 13-4 Andbox
  • Ascent: Version1 10-13 Andbox
  • Split: Version1 13-11 Andbox

Version1 won the final map against Andbox in a spectacular fashion with Viper’s Ultimate.

Version1 saved Viper’s ult for when it mattered the most. It forced the play on Split and brought the match to a flashy finish. 

Envy took down XSET 2-1 in the lower bracket and both Andbox and XSET walk away with $2500 in prize money.

The VCT NA Finals continues today with Day 2 of competition and leading us all the way to the Grand finals this upcoming weekend.

Where & When to Watch the VCT Grand Finals

NA VCT Standings
Andboc and XSET are eliminated! (Credit: VCT)

The VCT North American Grand Finals will take place on Day 4 of the competition: 

  • Sunday, May 2nd at 8 PM GMT.

The VCT European Grand Finals will take place on Day 7 of the competition:

  • Sunday, May 2nd at 3 PM GMT.

Catch all the upcoming VCT action on the Champion Tour’s YouTube channels: Valorant Champions Tour (NA) & Valorant Champions Tour (EU). Find out what two teams in NA and EU will advance from Challengers to Masters and walk away with a $40,000 cash prize.

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