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Agent Yoru needs buffs!

Another Valorant Yoru Buff Is Coming

Valorant Agent Yoru
The worst Agent in Valorant 2.05 (Credit: Epic Games)

Riot Games confirmed that the Valorant Agent: Yoru will get more buffs in Episode 2 Act 3. This is definitely appreciated, as the new Agent currently sits at the very bottom of the Agent Tier lists in 2.05.

If we look at the simple metric of win rates, we see Yoru is last of the list at 45% in Valorant Patch 2.05. Even once bad Agents like Viper (49.3%) have risen well above this, and according to Valorbuff’s stats, Yoru is only picked in 11% of competitive matches.

Valorant Win Rate
Current 2.05 Win Rate by Agent in 2.05 (Credit: Valorbuff)

It is no wonder that Riot has confirmed upcoming buffs for Yoru in a Reddit post made by u/Arkadria where they show how to make Yoru a better agent. The dev u/rycoux had this to say about the shared video on Reddit:

It seems Riot refuses to let go of the Agent’s ability to play mind games with the enemy. The only problem with this, is that players in competitive mode are so good, that it is really hard to trick someone with fake footsteps. If you play to have fun, it really doesn't matter, assuming you don't mind losing. Yoru is just kind of useless compared to other Agents which many players would find hard to disagree with.

Let’s give Riot Games a chance before we judge them too harshly or write them off. Let's see if they can boost Yoru’s win rate with these upcoming buffs set for episode 2's next patch.

When is the Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 Release Date?

Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 will release on April 20th. It's high time that we see some more Yoru Buffs on that date, so don't let us down, Riot, we're counting on you. Some of us actually play that Agent, you know? Just wanted to remind you... in case you forgot. 

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