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Valorant Weapon Guide: Spectre

Valorant Spectre Weapong Guide
It's time to run and gun. (Credit: Riot Games/Dino Rhinosaur via Artstation)

Our Valorant Weapon Guide series already covered all four rifles and the snipers in Riot's shooter. Now it's time to take a look at the two SMGs starting with the Spectre.

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Weapon Guide Spectre Valorant
The Spectre is the better SMG. (Credit: Riot Games)

Spectre Weapon Guide

When it comes down to SMGs in Valorant, there are only two of them - just like the snipers and shotguns. The Stinger and the Spectre are quite similar, but also quite different. Today, we'll be taking a look at the more expensive Spectre. Both weapons do what you'd expect from SMG's - high rate of fire and accuracy from close to mid-range. Oh, you can also run and gun with it - yeah, that's still a thing. Here's a quick look at the Spectre's stats:

  • Fire rate: 13.33 rounds/sec
  • Magazine capacity: 30 rounds
  • Wall Penetration: Medium
  • Reload Speed: 2.25 seconds

The Spectre offers you a big clip that'll take roughly three seconds before you need to reload. It also has a built-in silencer that'll cover the noise from your shots, so enemies won't be able to pinpoint exactly where you're firing from.

Spectre Damage

Unlike some of the other weapons we've covered, you'll find no lack of damage drop-off here. The further your target is, the harder it'll be to land a kill with the Spectre. Here's how the damage changes depending on the distance:

  • 0m-20m: Body 26/Head 78/Leg 22
  • 20m-50m: Body 22/Head 66/Leg 18

Landing a single shot to the head won't be enough with the Spectre. In fact, even two shots won't do it if your foes have armor. Considering the high rate of fire, it might often be a better idea to aim for the body, where you'll have to land at least 4 shots to get a kill. The Spectre's accuracy isn't nearly as good as what we've seen on the rifles, but you can always shoot while on the move.

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Spectre Alt-Fire

The Spectre's alternative fire mode improves what the primary fire lacks. It offers a zoom of x1.15, spread and recoil reduction at the cost of fire rate (12 rounds/sec) and lowered movement speed. Whether that trade is worth it really depends on the situation. If you're trying to take down someone further away, you'd usually want to aim down.

Spectre Valorant pattern
The Spectre's pattern over various distances. (Credit: Riot Games)

Spectre Price

The Spectre is often regarded as the better of the two SMGs in Valorant and the higher price is there to justify that. It comes with a price tag of 1600 credits, which puts it closer to some rifles, than the Stinger.


Out of the two available SMGs in Valorant, the Spectre seems like the better choice in most cases. Its price of 1600 credits will often make you question whether you shouldn't just save for a rifle. When it comes to run and gun, the Spectre is probably the best, as it has better accuracy and a larger clip than the Stinger. Feel free to pair the Spectre with a mobile agent that can flank and get out of danger.


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