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The hard hitter is here

Valorant Weapon Guide: Operator

Valorant Weapon Guide: Operator
One shot, one kill. (Credit: Riot Games)

Our Valorant Weapon Guide series already covered the Marshal and now it's time to talk about the elephant in the room - the Operator. Is the heavy sniper in Valorant really worth it?

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Valorant Weapon Guide: Operator
The Operator is the hardest-hitting weapon in Valorant. (Credit: Riot Games)

Operator Weapon Guide

The Operator is THE SNIPER in Valorant and while many pro players consider it overpowered, others think it's just not worth the investment. With the Operator, you have the stopping power to take down anything. Here's a quick look at the weapon's stats compared to the Marshal:

  • Fire rate: 0.6 rounds/sec (1.5 rounds/sec for the Marshal)
  • Magazine capacity: 5 rounds (same as the Marshal)
  • Wall Penetration: High (Medium for the Marshal)
  • Reload Speed: 3.7 seconds (2.5 seconds for the Marshal)

The Operator has the same magazine capacity as the Marshal but that's where the similarities end. The heavy sniper is much slower in terms of fire rate and reload time but hits harder through walls and bodies.

Operator Damage

Needless to say but the Operator has no damage drop-off. Unlike the Marshal, you won't even have to aim for the head as the Operator can take down fully armored enemies with a well-placed body shot.

  • 0m-50: Body 150/Head 255/Leg 120

One important thing to keep in mind is not to aim for the legs. Headshots will always kill and body shots will also always kill. If someone survives a direct hit it's because you managed to scratch their leg with a bullet. Keep that crosshair up!

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Operator Alt-Fire

Where the Marshal only has one level of zoom (x3.5) the Operator offers two - x2.5 and x5. You'll mostly be using the first one. When holding down a position make sure you place your crosshair where you expect your enemy to come from instead of trying to chase them down (unless you're really good at flick shots). On a side note, the weapon's hip-fire accuracy is quite random and unreliable but if an enemy gets too close don't hesitate to take them down with a no-scope.

Operator Price

The Operator takes out enemies with one shot and can penetrate the thickest of obstacles to wall bang so what's the downside? As you might have guessed, it's the price. The heavy sniper costs a whopping 5000 credits which is an insane amount to spend on a single weapon as you can easily gear up with all possible abilities and armor up for the same price.


The price is what divides many players when it comes to the Operator but it's also what makes the weapon balanced. It's a high-risk high reward option and if you lose it you'll be broke for the next couple of rounds. Jett is a good agent to pick if you plan on using the Operator as she'll allow you insane mobility to relocate after a shot. To wrap things up, check out some useful tips and tricks from the pros themselves.

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