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What does it guard?

Valorant Weapon Guide: Guardian

Valorant Weapon Guide: Guardian
Just like the Vandal, the Guardian doesn't care about range. (Credit: Riot Games)

Our Valorant Weapon Guide continues with another weapon from the Rifles department. Today it's all about the Guardian.

It's now been a year since the release of the Valorant closed beta and many weapons received changes over that period of time. The Guardian got some slight tweaks that buffed the weapon and made it more competitive. Let's dive into what makes the Guardian a good pick.


Valorant Weapon Guide Guardian Cypher Skin
Cypher's playstyle fits great with the Guardian. (Credit: Riot Games)

Guardian Weapon Guide

The Guardian is in the rifle's category in Valorant, but it doesn't really work the same way as the Vandal, Phantom, or Bulldog. The Guardian is basically a sniper with one-tap potential and no damage drop-off. Think of it as a budget version of the Vandal. This weapon hits hard but slow and has limited magazine capacity. Here's a short comparison to the Vandal:

  • Fire rate: 5.25 rounds/sec (9.75 - Vandal)
  • Magazine capacity: 12 rounds (25 rounds - Vandal) 
  • Wall Penetration: Heavy (Medium)
  • Reload Speed: 2.5 seconds (2.5 seconds)

There's one thing that makes these weapons similar though and that's the one-tap headshots. Note that due to the Guardian's higher wall penetration, you can tap spots that are otherwise impossible to shoot through with the Vandal or Phantom.

Guardian Damage

The Guardian's damage has no damage drop-off, making it lethal at any distance. You'll just need flawless accuracy to land the precise shots.

  • 0m-50: Body 65/Head 195/Leg 49

All you'll need to take care of an enemy is a single bullet to the head. Body shots are also quite painful and two hits will eliminate anyone without heavy armor.

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Guardian Price

The Guardian costs 2400 credits, and that makes it a tempting choice that is cheaper than both the Vandal and the Phantom (2900). That's a big win, as it has some of the best qualities of the Vandal - one-tap headshots and no damage drop-off. On the downside has a much slower fire rate, and a 12-round magazine.

Guardian Alt-Fire

The Guardian is the only rifle in Valorant with a scope of x1.5 while the rest only have access to x1.25. With this extra zoom, you can get a good view further away and really aim for the head. 

Guardian Valorant recoil pattern
The Guardian's patterns at every distance. (Credit: Riot Games)

Guardian Recoil

As we've mentioned, the Guardian is semi-automatic so spraying with it is often not a good idea. The weapon is quite precise with its first few shots, but things get harder to control right after. We can talk about the unpredictable recoil, but you'll be better off just firing in short bursts, relying on precision.


The Guardian competes with its bigger brothers - Vandal and Phantom. It's significantly cheaper but has the one-shot potential of the Vandal. The Guardian is a defensive weapon that's great for holding angles. Just beware of the small magazine and the slower rate of fire.

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