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Silent but deadly.

Valorant Weapon Guide: Ghost

Valorant Weapon Guide: Ghost
Is the suppressor worth it? | © Riot Games

Our Valorant Weapon Guide series continues with the sidearm department in Valorant. Today, we'll be taking a closer look at the Ghost. How good is the silenced pistol?

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Ghost Weapon Guide

Last week, we started our tour of the sidearms in Valorant with the Sheriff. Now, it's time to take a look at the only pistol in Valorant that has a silencer - the Ghost. Here's a quick look at the weapon's stats

  • Ghost Fire rate: 6.75 rounds/sec
  • Ghost Magazine capacity: 15 rounds
  • Ghost Wall Penetration: Medium
  • Ghost Reload Speed: 1.5 seconds

The Ghost resembles the USP in CS:GO, except in Valorant, you can't remove the silencer. This pistol is tied for the fastest reload time in the sidearm category, with the Frenzy at 1.5 seconds. The built-in muzzle will help you keep your location unknown to enemies, and that can give you valuable time to finish a kill.

Ghost Damage

The Ghost doesn't hit as hard as the Sheriff, but it offers a very good balance of damage, fire rate, and magazine capacity. You won't have to reload as often as with a Frenzy, and your shots will really hurt. The Ghost outclasses the Frenzy and the Classic in damage, no matter the body part. Enemies without armor at close to mid-range will die to a single headshot.

  • 0m-30m: Body 30/Head 105/Leg 25
  • 30m-50m: Body 25/Head 87/Leg 21

In a way, the Ghost is an upgrade to the Classic in every way - bigger magazine, higher damage, higher wall penetration, faster reload time, and a silencer. Furthermore, the Ghost is arguably the most accurate pistol in Valorant, and in most cases, two shots to the head will equal a kill.

The Ghost's wall penetration will allow you to bang certain points, but it's not enough for the thickest of walls. Just like any other pistol, it doesn't have an alternate fire mode.

Ghost Recoil

Valorant Weapon Guide Sheriff Spread
The Ghost is one of the most accurate sidearms. | © Riot Games

Firing in quick succession with the Ghost won't give you poor results like with the Sheriff. The pistol's accuracy recovery is much better, but you'd usually want to aim for that one-two tap.

Ghost Price

The Ghost hit is the most versatile sidearm in Valorant, and it comes with a price tag tied with the Frenzy at 500 credits. This makes it the second most expensive pistol in the game, right after the Sheriff (800 credits).


The Ghost is a very well-rounded pistol that has everything you want. The big magazine and plenty of reserve ammo won't leave you starving for bullets after a prolonged fight. You can remain undetected thanks to the silencer and the one-tap potential against unarmored foes paired with the fast reload time will often give you the edge. It's a much better version of the Classic, so if you like the latter you're going to love the Ghost.

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