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Valorant Weapon Guide: Bulldog

Valorant Weapon Guide: Bulldog
The Bulldog is the cheapest option in the rifles department. (Credit: Riot Games)

Our Valorant Weapon Guide resumes with the final weapon from the rifles department. The Bulldog might not be as popular as his three brothers, but it can also be a decent pick.

We've already covered the Vandal, the Phantom, and the Guardian, and now it's time to take a look at the Bulldog.


The Bulldog has one of the most colorful skins Valorant
Is the Bulldog any good? (Credit: Riot Games)

Bulldog Weapon Guide

The Bulldog is the cheapest rifle in Valorant but does that make it the worst? Well, it depends. Much like any other weapon it has its strengths and weaknesses. 

  • Fire rate: 9.15 rounds/sec
  • Magazine capacity: 24 rounds 
  • Wall Penetration: Medium
  • Reload Speed: 2.5 seconds 

It has more bullets than the Guardian, the rate of fire is close to that of the Vandal, but it can't do one-tap kills when aiming for the head. This puts the Bulldog in a weird spot in Valorant's in-game weapon economy.

Bulldog Damage

Much like the Guardian and Vandal, the Bulldog has no damage drop-off, meaning no matter the distance it'll always deal the same damage to enemies.

  • 0m-50: Body 35/Head 116/Leg 30

Two-taps to the head are still a possibility. Five bullets in the leg or body will also take down any enemy.

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Bulldog Price

The worst thing about the Bulldog is its price - 2100 credits. As we've mentioned it's the cheapest rifle in the game, but that doesn't make it cheap in general. The Bulldog is in a weird spot. When you're saving up money, it's probably not a good choice. When you have enough money, you'll most likely prefer to get the Vandal, Phantom, or Guardian instead.

Bulldog Alt-Fire

When you're aiming down sights the Bulldog goes from fully automatic to burst. Each time you fire the weapon will release a three-round burst. This makes it great for instantly taking care of enemies that are close. At longer distances, the primary fire is almost always a better choice. In addition to changing the fire mode, ADS improves your aim, reduces recoil and spread, and provides you with x1.25 zoom. Neat!

Bulldog Recoil

The Bulldog's recoil is somewhat similar to that of the other rifles. What you'll notice if you go into training, is that the first few bullets are dead-on, and we're not even talking about the burst mode which is quite accurate as well.

Valorant Bulldog weapon spray pattern
The Bulldog's spray pattern at a medium distance. (Credit: Riot Games)

After the first few bullets, you see a pattern similar to that of the Vandal and Phantom except it's mirrored once it goes up. If you've mainly played with those two weapons it might be a bit weird when trying to learn the correct move at first.


The Bulldog is by no means a bad weapon. It has a solid magazine, a decent rate of fire, and no damage drop-off. On the downside, it's too expensive when compared to SMGs, has no one-tap potential, and it's rarely considered as an option over the Vandal, Phantom, or Guardian. It's a good weapon, but the bigger question is: when exactly do you buy it? Our best guess is after a successful echo round, where you somehow didn't manage to pick up a weapon.

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