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Leak: Timeout Feature Coming to Valorant in Patch 2.06


A recent Valorant leak suggests that the new Valorant patch 2.06 will include a timeout feature. This timeout feature is rumored to be similar to a feature found in CS:GO, which allows players to vote for a timeout.

Well, here we are with a new Valorant leak, and we can assure you that our senses are tingling with this one! A prominent Valorant data miner, @ValorLeaks on Twitter, has revealed files that suggest players will be able to vote on player timeouts at the start of each round.

With the recent launch of Valorant Patch 2.05, we can be certain that this feature will not be added in that patch. However, it could potentially find itself in Valorant's next patch, which will probably be called Patch 2.06 (no s**t, Sherlock).

The new feature may allow players to vote for a timeout. Think basketball. Or CS:GO, for that matter. Teams will not be able to vote for a timeout when one has just been called, and there will probably be a maximum number allowed per-game.

Valorant Timeout Mode & Patch 2.06 Release Date

It could be here relatively soon, as Riot Games has been introducing new patches every fortnight for a while now. Thus, patch 2.06 and the new Timeout Mode will most likely come out on or around March 30.

We're pretty happy with the latest patch, with it cracking down on AFK players, and generally cleaning some s**t up. You like Valorant? We do too, and we love the idea of patch 2.06 being a big one! It won't be too long a wait, either.


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