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Valorant: The Top 3 Agents for Beginners

Valorant The Best Agents For Beginners
Don't worry, Jett is not on this list! (Credit: Riot Games)

You want to try out Valorant, but have no idea which agent to pick? Worry not, as today we'll present you with the top 3 agents in Valorant suited for beginners!

Riot's entry into the first-person shooter genre has been doing well in the past 10 months despite the global pandemic. Valorant already has an established esports scene with plenty of organizations and pro players behind it. Last but not least there are casual players like you and me. Today we'll take a look at some of the best agents you can play as a beginner in Valorant.

The Top 3 Valorant Agents for Beginners

As a newcomer in Valorant, you'd want an agent that's easy to use but also efficient. Thankfully, there are a couple that fit the description. Without further ado let's get into the list.

Agent Sage Valorant
Sage is one of the easiest to use agents in Valorant. (Credit: Riot Games)


Sage is an agent that's perfect for beginners. She doesn't have any smokes, flashes, or Molotov. Technically, her Slow Orb is a molly, but her main gimmick is the wall. It's the only ability in her kit that'll require some practice placing and a decent knowledge of positions on the different maps. Other than that, Sage focuses on healing, slowing, and resurrecting allies. The rest is gunplay, which is always nice to hear if you're coming from an aiming-focused title.

Agent Phoenix Valorant
Phoenix is the bread and butter of Valorant. (Credit: Riot Games)


Phoenix is probably the most balanced agent to start your journey in Valorant with. He's one of the initial five agents you'll have access to and offers something for everyone. Unlike other duelists, he has access to a flash and a molly so the only thing missing is a smoke. To make up for that, he has a firewall. His ultimate will bring him back after dying, so feel encouraged to YOLO and rush B after using it. On top of all that he can heal himself with both the fire from the wall and the Molotov.

Agent Raze Valorant
Just as explosive as before! (Credit: Riot Games)


The most obvious choice to rule them all is Raze. This agent was an absolute monster during the closed beta days of Valorant. After a series of nerfs due to player feedback and her high win rate, Riot Games toned her down. Did she change that much, though? No, not really. Raze's arsenal of skills is still the most damaging one on the roster and it totally contradicts one of the earliest statements made by Riot.

Raze can kill enemies with three out of her four abilities
. Yeah, let that sink in. Her grenade and ultimate can take out an entire team in the correct circumstances and playing her is just tons of fun. The only bad news is that Raze is not available from the start so make sure you unlock her first!

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