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Valorant’s Lore So Far

The Valorant Story Explained

Valorant Lore Duality
Valorant gets more lore! (Credit: Riot Games)

Yes, Valorant does in fact have story and there is lore behind Riot’s shooter. We try to explain the story that has been cobbled together from Valorant trailers and promotional materials released so far. Riot Games is not exactly making this Valorant story easy to understand!

Here it comes! Valorant’s Story Explained!

With the recent release of the Valorant Duality trailer, Valorant finally has some kind of story to go along with all the shooting and killing.

Valorant Duality Trailer — Lore Dump!

The 3 minutes trailer explains that the Valorant agents are trying to stop some organization from stealing or collecting Radianite, but exactly what they want remains unclear. We also learn that there is a mirror world of Earth and this explains why the agents in Valorant fight literal copies of each other, but it appears they each have their own unique personalities and motivations. 

Finally, there is also some connection between Radianite and energy production, but it is not clearly explained. We are getting major environmentalism vibes from Valorant's lore.

The Offical Valorant Story So Far

The World of Valorant is on a version of Earth in the near future and follows the events of the "First Light." The event encompasses the entire globe and is changing life, tech, governments, and the fabric of reality itself. Like a good superhero movie, this singularity or First Light, has given people superpowers, and these people s are called Radiants. 

Riot dropped a blog post with some explanation of Valorant's lore, but it only covers the videos Duelist and Duality. It does not go into deep detail to probably avoid major spoilers. 

What is Valorant?

Valorant is the name of the game, but it is also the name of a secretive global organization that has assembled select agents from around the world to combat the changes the First Light has brought. They must set aside their differences and band together to solve the massive environmental problems The First Light has caused.

After First Light

Riot Games’ David Nottingham had this to say about the events after the First Light.

“certain people around the world end up with new hyper-natural powers. These new powers brought about massive global changes, including the rise of new governments. Eventually in response to the events that occur around First Light, a new organization called Valorant is created by secretive backers”

The Direction of Valorant’s Story

Not a lot more can be said about Valorant’s Lore, but it does appear that there are two factions, one led by Viper from world A and another faction led by Jett in world B. So far, the storytelling has been delivered from the perspective of Phoenix, who we assume is from the original Earth in world A. 

"World A" and "B" are not official names by any means and just a simple way to think about Valorant's story, since Riot has not directly named each faction. We assume that "Valorant" is the name of Earth's faction and the "mirror earth" is perhaps the faction Valorant fights against. The blog post referred to them as "mirror" agents, so a mirror earth idea would make sense.

What is the Spike?

In every trailer or agent video so far, the two teams are always fighting over the Spike and World B is attacking World A, or so it seems. The Spike seems to distort gravity and destroy the surrounding environment if it is set off. In most exchanges so far seen, the Spike has been disarmed by the agents of Valorant on Earth.

To recap, there are two earths who are fighting each other, and we do not know exactly why. It does have something to do with the energy source Radianite. What has been made clear so far, is that Valorant is an agency trying to stop attacks from the mirror earth that has suddenly appeared as the aggressor.

Valorant's Story: Major Unanswered Questions

  1. Who are these mirror’ Agents?
  2. Are they two sides of the same coin?
  3. Why is one side seemingly acting as the aggressor?
  4. What is the meaning of that final shot of Earth that seems almost split in two? 

These four questions are how Riot Games ends its storyline blog post about the world of Valorant and are obvious teasers at where the next story trailers will lead us.

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