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The Most Essential Smokes and Mollies on Haven


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Valorant is already a year old and if you haven’t tried it yet it’s never too late. Right now is a great time to do so as Riot’s tactical shooter just entered a new episode. We’ve already covered every agent with our “How to Play” series, and now it’s time for something different. Smoke grenades are just as important in Valorant as you’d imagine so having a basic understanding will often give you the edge.
Many of the agents in Valorant have access to a smoke grenade, but no other excels at taking over a site as much as Brimstone. The USA general can drop three smokes at the same time, completely covering most enemy positions. He’s also part of the free agents when you initially start, and that makes him a perfect pick for beginners.
For now we’ll be focusing on the offensive side of smokes along with the occasional molotov. Brimstone’s offensive ability is not to be underestimated as it can be the difference between winning a round and losing the game. Preventing the enemy defuser is crucial! This time we're taking a look at the best smokes and mollies on Haven.


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