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Valorant’s Reloading Exploit Is Back

Valorant’s Reload Exploit Is Back
Reloading can still be instant! (Credit: Riot Games)

Valorant's reloading exploit is back in business and you might be losing because of it. Here's what it is and how to evade it.

A recent exploit that we thought was fixed has reemerged in Valorant. The reloading exploit has returned and players can now continue to get an unfair advantage over their foes. Here's all you need to know about it!

What's the Reloading Exploit?

The reloading exploit allows you to reload your weapon almost instantly instead of taking a few seconds. This will often give you the edge in skirmishes and considering Valorant has dreams of becoming a well-established esports title Riot should fix it asap. The bug first appeared a few weeks back and Riot Games seemingly resolved it with patch 2.09:

  • Fixed an issue where weapons could be instantly reloaded after spamming orb pick-ups. Reddit user AtmosYT discovered that the glitch is still alive and kicking.

I just found an instant reload glitch while messing around with my friends (Example kill included) from VALORANT

How Do You Recreate the Reloading Exploit?

It's rather simple - just start reloading your weapon and interrupt it by picking an ultimate orb. Note that in order to do it successfully you'll have to be really quick and change your binding for reloading. As AtmosYT says on Reddit:

I have the g502 and so I have the interact key bound to mouse wheel down so that’s how I’m getting that weird orb effect and then you just click reload and it reloads very quickly

The result is what you see in the video above. Reloading will be almost instantaneous, and you'll have a full clip once again. Players can use the glitch to bait enemies by fooling them into thinking that they're about to reload when in reality there's a second clip waiting for them.

How To Avoid the Reloading Exploit?

The good news is that you won't see teams pulling this as a group strat and rushing you down. The exploit can only be done when there's an orb nearby. If an enemy is stalking near an orb your best course of action might be to avoid the area. Alternatively, you can pick the orb yourself and prevent anyone else from abusing the bug - it's really that simple. Just watch out for any area with an orb in it, and you should be fine.

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