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It’s finally here!

Valorant Reaver Skin Revealed Through Dark Ritual

Reaver Bundle Valorant Skin Vandal
Vandal Skin (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Since the Beta of Valorant, there has been one skin that has escaped collectors, one so mysterious it took a dark ritual to summon back into the world of Valorant. The Reaver bundle has returned from beyond the grave.

Art Lead Developer Sean Marino describes this collection as a combination of “dark magic, runes, and vampire hunters.” What did you say, “Vampires?” Well, we would be very surprised to find out Valorant has a Vampire Agent coming to the game, but one can wish! They could even make the agent from Romania! Anyhow, enough daydreaming and back to the Reaver bundle.

Reaver Bundle Price

Riot has announced that each individual gun skin will be 1,775 VP and the Melee a pricy 3,550 VP.


  • Sheriff
  • Operator
  • Vandal
  • Guardian
  • Melee


  • Reaver Player Card
  • Spray
  • Gun Buddy
Melee Skin Reaver
Only 3,550 VP! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

The Bundle falls into the premium tier of pricing and therefore costs a whopping 7,100VP! So fans of the dark fantasy aesthetic must pay to live out their demon-slaying dreams. The Reaver skins are purchasable on 3 November so right now! A post-Halloween treat and probably a bit late to capitalize on any Halloween hype.

Remember Valorant bundles are a one-shot deal while individual skins may appear in the store at random the bundles are gone forever once they leave.

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