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Sinatraa’s sexual abuse revealed

Valorant Pro Sinatraa Accused of Sexually Abusing his Ex-Girlfriend

Sinatraa OWL
Sinatraa abused ex-girlfriend cle0h. (Credit: OWL)

Valorant Pro Sinatraa, has been accused of sexually abusing his ex-girlfriend, Cleo ‘cle0h’ Hernandez. The evidence presented is pretty damming if proven to be true. The Overwatch pro turned Valorant pro, who plays for team Sentinels, is being accused of some pretty heavy stuff.

Trigger Warning: EarlyGamers, this story includes descriptions of sexual abuse!

Sinatraa's ex-girlfriend cle0h is is accusing him of sexual abuse. She posted a 9-page word doc outlining the abuse, manipulation, and gaslighting she suffered during their previous intimate relationship.

I lived in constant fear that he would find something to be mad about…

On March 9 cle0h posted a tweet linking to a long document detailing the sexual abuse and manipulation done by Sinatraa. The evidence seems overwhelming, leading many to think that it is very likely true.

We straight up commend cle0h for her bravery in revealing her abuser and hope she can find the time and space to recover from this trauma.

Cle0h provides both text messages and Discord DM’s that serve as examples of the countless times she was controlled by Sinatraa.

Sinatraa creepy texts
Sinatraa's paranoia and abuse detailed in a series of text messages (Credit: cle0h)

Cle0h explains herself in the word doc simply titled “J”,

He'd use to check my location to see where I was, which was fine, but sometimes it would glitch and he'd instantly accuse me of cheating. He will probably try to say he was joking here but he was not joking.

It's not exactly normal to track the location of your partner in any context as these screenshots would seem to suggest.

It sadly does not stop there. Even from the beginning of their relationship Sinatraa sexually assaulted her, so cle0h claims.

When I started dating Jay I got an IUD because he refused to use a condom. The first time we slept together I told him I wasn't on birth control and he could not finish in me. He did it anyways, without my consent

The 9-page word doc is a rough read and contains more disturbing details. It even contains an explicit audio recording of the abuse taking place and further illustrates the non-consensual nature of their previous relationship, according to cle0h.

The detailed accounts of different kinds of abuse do act as a quite strong accusation. Some of these screenshots do give credence to her claims that she did indeed suffer abuse at the hands of Sinatraa. You know what they say, "where there's smoke there's is fire." But, nothing can be proved now.

At this point in time, no comments have been made by Sinatraa or Sentinels, the esports org he plays for.

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