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Free cards for everyone!

How To Get All Valorant Pride Cards

How To Get All Valorant Pride Cards
All of them, for free! (Credit: Riot Games)

Valorant's one-year anniversary celebrations continue with the YR1 events and rewards. Yesterday, Riot Games released the Valorant Pride Cards, and we'll show you how to get them all!

Riot Games are celebrating Valorant's anniversary and Pride Month at the same time. Just a few days ago, the developers hinted that Pride Cards will be coming to Valorant, and now they're officially out. By the looks of it, Pride Cards won't be the only item coming in June.

Share your Pride worldwide, with a set of VALORANT in-game items, available to redeem throughout the month of June.

Riot made an official blog post after the Pride Cards were released.

How To Get the Valorant Pride Cards

In order to get the cards, you'll just have to visit the Redeem page on the official Valorant website. That's easier said than done, as in the past few days the website got overloaded by players trying to get the Duality Player Card. With the release of the Valorant Pride Cards, there'll be even more people on the website. Reportedly, Riot is already working on it.

Anyway, here are all the codes and a link to the Redeem page. Log into your Riot Games account and enter the corresponding code. Get the Pride Card you want or just enter them all!

Valorant Pride Cards
All the Valorant Pride Cards. (Credit: Riot Games)
  • Pride // Rainbow - Code: [PRISMATIC]
  • Pride // Cotton Candy - Code: [COTTONCANDY]
  • Pride // Primary - Code: [PRIMARY]
  • Pride // Galactic - Code: [GALACTIC]
  • Pride // Sunset - Code: [SUNSET]
  • Pride // Twilight - Code: [TWILIGHT]
  • Pride // Sherbet - Code: [SHERBET]

In addition to the Valorant Pride Cards, there are also two titles available to everyone. The way to get them is the same, just enter their codes:

  • Proud Title - Code: [JUBILANT01]
  • Ally Title- Code: [JUBILANT02]

Will you be getting all the Valorant Pride Cards? Is the redeem page not loading for you? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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