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Valorant Patch 3.00 Weapon Tier List

Valorant Patch 3.00 Weapon Tier List
What are the best weapons in 3.00? | © Riot Games

Valorant's long-awaited Episode 3 is finally live. With it came numerous changes to the in-game economy not only for agent abilities but also for many of the weapons. Here are the best weapons in patch 3.00!

Episode 3 Act 1 is upon us and we got the new agent KAY/O, but what's the state of the weapon meta in the current patch? Should you use the same weapons as before? Were the price reductions enough to shake it all up? We have the answers.

Before we get into the list, let's take a look at all the weapon price changes in Valorant 3.00:


  • Price decreased 200 >>> 150


  • Price decreased 1100 >>> 950


  • Price decreased 900 >>> 850


  • Price decreased 1000 >>> 950


  • Price decreased 1600 >>> 1550


  • Price decreased from 5000 >>> 4700


  • Price decreased 2400 >>> 2250

Some of these weapons got a serious discount. Was it enough to get them to the top?

The Best Weapons in Valorant 3.00

As always, there are a few weapons that will be good in every patch, and 3.00 is no exception.


Some pro players call it trash, others love it. It was the most expensive weapon in the game and still is. For 4700 credits, the Operator will cost you, but it can certainly pay off. The heavy sniper is usually best picked on Jett, as she has enough mobility to escape from missed shots.


Valorant's AK-47 will always be used. The weapon isn't the best in terms of accuracy and recoil, but having the one-tap headshot potential on an automatic rifle is really good. The Vandal's price remained the same in patch 3.00 (2900 credits).


Depending on who you ask, the Phantom is better, worse, or just as good as the Vandal. It won't kill with a single shot to the head, but the weapon offers more accuracy and a built-in silencer. The Phantom's price also remained untouched at 2900 credits.


The Run and Gun style got nerfed in Valorant's patch 3.00. Despite that, the Spectre remains one of the best weapons in its price range. For merely 1600 credits, you get one of the best automatic weapons in the game. The fire rate is almost unmatched, and you'll melt anyone at a close distance.


That's right, we have a shotgun on our list. The Judge didn't receive any price changes with patch 3.00, but it's still good. The fast-firing shotgun is an excellent choice when defending. If you're close enough, you can take multiple foes in quick succession. That's worth the credits.


The Guardian's price was reduced from 2400 credits to 2250. While that might seem significant, most players will still choose to get a Sheriff instead. The revolver can one-shot players at up to 30m. For 800 credits, you can win the game if you have a good enough aim.

Valorant Patch 3.00 Weapon Tier List

Here's the full weapon tier list for Valorant's patch 3.00:

  • S Tier - Operator, Phantom, Vandal
  • A Tier - Spectre, Judge, Sheriff
  • B Tier - Frenzy, Ghost, Odin
  • C Tier -  Guardian, Bucky, Stinger, Marshal, Bulldog, Ares, Classic
  • D Tier - Shorty, Knife

The weapons that got their prices reduced with the start of Episode 3 Act 1 were some of the more underused ones. At first glance, it seems that the price changes won't be enough to make them popular. What do you think? Will people suddenly start buying the Shorty every round? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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