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Will Valorant Patch 2.11 make a difference?

Valorant Patch 2.11: Release Date & Details

Valorant Patch 2.11: Release Date and Details
What can we expect from patch 2.11? (Credit: Riot Games/Theo Aretos)

Valorant is slowly nearing the end of Episode 2 Act 3 and players are already looking forward to some big changes in Episode 3. Before we get there, Riot will release Valorant patch 2.11.

If you remember correctly, Valorant never got patch 2.10, and we were stuck with 2.09. The reason? Riot updating their engine for the game. It's either that, or a completely different reason they chose to hide. In any case, that led to Valorant patch 2.11 getting postponed by two weeks.

With that said, the 2.11 Valorant patch will be more than welcome, as the game usually gets a new update every two weeks. The current one has been around for almost a month, as 2.09 came out on May 11.

When is the Valorant Patch 2.11 Release Date?

Riot themselves mentioned the release date of patch 2.11 to be June 8. More specifically, "around June 8", and that could mean - today, tomorrow, or later. Our best guess is that the 2.11 update will drop tomorrow at the latest as two weeks later players will be expecting the start of Episode 3 on June 22.

Valorant Patch 2.11: What To Expect

Riot Games already revealed that they have some big changes in mind with Episode 3 Act 1. This means that we shouldn't expect too much from the poor 2.11 patch. We might see some balance changes, but the promised Yoru buffs will probably be delayed to a later date. Our best guess is that Valorant patch 2.11 will be a minor one, offering mainly bug fixes, quality of life improvements, and some small tweaks before the start of Episode 3. One potential big change that might come with patch 2.11 is price adjustments for most of the weapons.

That's certainly something to consider, but we believe it'll come with EpisodeWe'll keep you updated once the patch official patch notes are out!

What are your expectations? Are you even looking forward to the Valorant 2.11 patch or is it completely overshadowed by the impending Episode 3? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter!

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