Agent Skye is live!

Valorant Patch 1.11 is Live – For Real This Time!

Valorant patch 1 11

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After last week's patch disaster, the time has finally come: Valorant Patch 1.11 has finally arrived and with it the new agent Skye. Hopefully, all bugs are fixed this time...

Riot spoke of a "technical nightmare" after they had to undo Valorant patch 1.11 last week. Instead of the new agent Skye, it was mainly numerous bugs and game errors that made the rounds on social networks. Anyone standing on the edge of an Omen Smoke got weird textures of Sage thrown onto the screen.

What certainly looked funny to us was a medium catastrophe for Riot. Only a little later patch 1.11 was withdrawn and postponed. Now it is finally available and yesterday it also made it onto the European servers. So, let's recap what should have made the headlines in the latest patch - apart from the bugs.

New Agent Skye

Valorant's newest agent is called Skye. From everything we have seen so far, she seems to be clearly outranking Sage in terms of supporting agents. Besides strong utility, with which she can flash and stun enemies, especially her E could mutate to a game-changer. This is an AOE Heal for your own team, which has a resource bar, similar to Vipers Poison.

Skye is therefore not quite wrongly seen as a very strong, if not overpowered character. So shortly after the patch, her win rate is 50.6%, making her currently the third strongest agent in the game. How strongly she can actually influence the current meta will become apparent in the coming weeks.

Nerfs for Cypher and Killjoy

Of course, the already available agents have seen some changes them. Cypher's good meta-ranking could perhaps finally come to an end with patch 1.11. With the new changes, both his trapwire and spy camera will be disabled and uncovered once he is dead. Considering his current win rate of 47.8%, he currently ranks second to last among all agents.

Also Killjoy does not get away without light nerfs. Both their turret and the Nanoswarm now not only have a much smaller range, but also deactivate automatically as soon as Killjoy gets too far away from them. To compensate for this, the cooldown was significantly reduced after you pick up the abilities. At 49.5% win rate, she is currently in the lower middle range.

In addition, there are of course bug fixes (which were apparently necessary) and some changes to both the ranked and the monetary system of Valorant. What do you think of the latest patch 1.11? Is Agent Skye too strong? Is she going to throw the meta completely overboard? Share your thoughts on our Facebook Page!

You can read the complete patch notes again here:

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