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What is the Valorant Night Market and does it return in 2021?

The Valorant Night Market Returns

Valorant Night Market
Cross your fingers the Night Market RNG gods are on your side! (Credit: Riot Games)

Valorant’s Night Market has returned once again and this is your chance to snipe a great weapon skin at a discount. But, what is the Night Market, and how long is it open for?

Once again, Riot Games has opened up the Night Market in the Valorant item shop. They're ready to sell skins at a discounted price. This is the third time the Night Market event has come back since the launch of Valorant. The last two Night Markets happened back in February 2021 and all the way back in December 2020.


Welcome to Night Market Valorant
Welcome to the Night Market! We'll tell you everything you need to know about it! (Credit: Riot Games)

Will the Valorant Night Market Return in 2021?

The Night Market in Valorant will return in 2021. In fact, it already has! The Night Market has come back! And this time, the Night Market will run from April 7th to April 20th, meaning, you have plenty of time to purchase a weapon skin at a discount.

How Does the Night Market Work?

It is very simple: go to the Valorant Shop in-game and look for the Night Market tab. Click the option presented to reveal what items are for sale. The items you can purchase are randomly selected from all the skins contained in collections and the Night Market offers 6 different items you can buy at a discount. But there are some rules to Night Market: you will not get two or more of the same items. For example, you will not get three different melee skins, nor will you get any doubles.

Can You Reset the Night Market Skins?

Night Market Valorant
You get six random weapon skins from the Night Market (Credit: Riot Games)

Simple answer: no, you cannot reset the items on the Night Market!

Once you reveal the items in your Night Market tab, that’s it. There is no way to reset the items offered to you, nor do you have any control over which items get revealed. Pray to the Valorant RNG gods that the one skin you're missing from your collection, is one of the six weapons revealed. Maybe you're lucky enough to get the Reaver Vandal Skin? An esports journo sure can dream! 

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