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Valorant’s Night Market – Everything You Need to Know

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Get special discounts on Valorant skins at the Night Market! (Image credit: Riot Games)

Riot Games released Valorant’s patch 1.14 just a few days back and among the usual balance changes and bug fixes also added the Night Market. What is it all about and how does it work? We'll explain:

Valorant’s patch 1.14 went live at the start of the week and it added the latest feature – The Night Market. The latter wasn’t available until yesterday and now we finally have a chance to take a look at it.

The Night Market

The Night Market will give players discounts on some of the skins available in Valorant. Like many other things, it’s a concept that we’ve already seen in League of Legends. There, players have access to a customized shop called “Your Shop” and it offers skin discounts on some of your most played champions.

Things are different in Valorant, since skins are only applicable to weapons (at least for now). As a result, the skins you see will be completely randomized. Everyone’s skins on sale in the Night Market will be different. Some players were already let down by that RNG principle.

In LoL’s shop, there’s a certain limit in the rarity of skins you can find (Ultimate, Legendary etc.). Valorant follows a similar pattern:

Each player will get 6 chances to receive a random Select, Deluxe, or Premium weapon skin at a discount

Riot Games claim that players will be able to get hefty discounts of up to 50% but that’ll probably be the exception.

With the Night Market, we’ll bring back select weapon skins into the shop with a discounted price. The skins and discounts that appear are randomly generated so may the odds be ever in your favor.

Some of the earliest changes we hope to bring to you next year include improvements to the Night Market, and simply finding more ways for you to get more stuff.

If you didn’t get lucky with the current list of skins on the Night Market, you’ll have to wait until it resets in 32 days (technically next year). The Night Market is certainly an interesting addition to Valorant but also quite controversial, since everyone will be getting a different offer. Perhaps Riot can customize skins depending on the most played weapons?

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