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Valorant New Game Mode Revealed: 'Escalation' Coming Tomorrow!

Omen Yoru

Not gonna lie: This picture is cool af. (Credit: Riot)

Tomorrow, on February 17, Valorant is getting a new game mode: Escalation. A new team-based mode that's all about racking up kills – with a twist.

Escalation is a 5v5 mode where both teams get 12 randomly generated abilities and weapons to chase kills with. The twist is that your weapons become worse as the game goes on.

If you've ever played CS:GO then you might be familiar with Escalation: It's very similar to Gun Game in CS. Because Valorant is all about being original. That's ok though. Copying is the highest form of flattery anyway.

Credit: Valorant via YouTube

Escalation Details

As written on Valorant's official blog:

  • 5v5 game mode
  • 12 Escalation levels (each level has a specific weapon or ability)
    • First team to 12, or furthest along in 10 minutes, wins
    • Team together must earn 7 points on a level to advance to the next level
      • A kill on the current level earns 1 point
      • A kill on a previous level earns .5 points
  • Each player has an individual weapon level they’re working to complete
    • You’ll have to earn at least 1 kill on a weapon to unlock the next weapon level
    • The team can still advance Escalation levels if you’re on an older weapon level
    • Example: Your team can be level 4 but you can still be “stuck” with the level 1 weapon (let’s say the Vandal), until you get 1 kill with that weapon. Then you’ll progress to the level 2 weapon, not directly to level 4.
  • Games run for about 7–9 minutes
  • No Agent-specific abilities based on your character select choice, only the standard abilities that all players will see throughout the match (see Loadout section below)
  • Fast respawns (invulnerable for first 5 seconds)
Valorant skye

How many weapons do you want? Yes. (Credit: Riot)

Escalation Loadout

  • Level 1: Always either Raze’s Showstopper or Vandal/Phantom
  • Level 2: Always Vandal or Phantom.
  • Levels 3–11: Assorted weapons and abilities
  • Level 12: Possible Shorty, Classic, Knife, Shock Dart...or even the Snowball Launcher
  • Health: Every death drops a health pack that expires after 10 seconds

Anybody who takes part in Escalation will get 800 XP for each completed match and an extra 200 XP for a win. For now, Escalation is a time-limited mode and currently there is no word on how long the game mode will be available for.

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