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Valorant Mobile: is it actually going to happen?

New Valorant Mobile Leak: Everything We Know!

Valorant Leaks Mobile
Valorant Mobile might be in development! (Credit: Riot Games)

Exciting rumors for Valorant Mobile have started to surface as Riot Games is reportedly developing the tactical shooter for Mobile iOS and Android. A new source has surfaced so let’s look at everything we know so far.

When League of Legends came to Mobile via Wild Rift, people flocked to that game like there was no tomorrow. Almost everyone started playing it, even the ones that weren't interested in LoL. Now, Wild Rift has its own player base that is completely independent of League of Legends. Will the same happen to Valorant soon? 

Will Valorant Come Out on Mobile? 

Well not confirmed, evidence indicates an announcement is coming soon, though.

The first piece of evidence comes from data mined code from the Valorant Beta and subsequent patches thereafter. This suggests a Mobile API is in the works or in the early stages of development stages. A short YouTube clip from 2020 appeared, showing the controls for Mobile Valorant but was never confirmed by Riot Games.

When Will Valorant Release on Mobile?

A new rumor has surfaced that Mobile Valorant may see some kind of announcement at E3, but the project is also rumored to be delayed due to COVID-19. We expect an update between June or July 2021 but nothing has been confirmed or hinted at by Riot Games. E3 Online is set for June 12-15 and this is where we expect to see some more news on Valorant Mobile. LoL got a mobile version, so it makes a lot of sense for Valorant to go Mobile too! Fingers crossed!

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