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There has been a Valorant map leak and the next map might just be a boat!

Valorant Breeze Map: Location & Release Date

Valorant Breeze Map: Location & Release Date
Valorant's new map Breeze was teased by Riot. (Credit: PlayValorant via Twitter)

It has been quite some time since we saw a new map in Valorant. Riot Games probably have a surprise with the next update as it looks like a new potential Valorant map has been leaked! The name of the map is Breeze!

If you've been itching to know where the location of the next Valorant map will be, we might have an answer for you. Riot just announced the return of the Night Market and while many fans were happy to get skins at a reduced price, others noticed a couple of hints left by the devs.

The Next Valorant Map Location Leak

The tweet that revealed the return of the Night Market could be hiding the location of the next map in Valorant. Maybe hiding isn't the best word, though.

If you take a closer look at the picture you'll find that there are coordinates at the top left and bottom right: 71 W and 25 N. If we try to find the location of these coordinates there are only two possible outcomes. Cancun, Mexico, and right in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle.

Valorant Cancun Map
The first possible location is Cancun. (Credit: findlatitudeandlongitude)

Cancun seems like a good place for a new map. On the Night Market banner, we also find "Carib." and Cancun is quite close to the Caribbean coast, so it makes perfect sense.

The next best guess is right in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. Now that would be really interesting, as the creative team can really go wild here, since there's a ton of mystery surrounding this part of the world. Considering the two locations are somewhat similar, the theme of the next map might be somewhat the same. Sea-based with boats perhaps? An underwater map? We'll find out soon. The music for the unreleased map was already leaked at the end of March.

Will There Be a New Agent With The Next Valorant Map?

Another possibility is that Riot is dropping hints not only about the next Valorant map, but also the upcoming agent. Data miners already found Foxtrot/Breeze in the Valorant in-game files and those might be the names of the new agent or the new map. Maybe both? 

What's The Release Date For The Next Valorant Map?

The next Valorant Map will most likely be released with the next update, which is expected on April 21 or April 27 (when Act 2 actually ends).  The Valorant Map Leak makes us think that we'll be taking a trip to the Caribbeans soon. In the meantime, players noticed that there are some new in-game posters in Valorant which confirmed the name of the map as Breeze.

Valorant Breeze Map poster in-game
Aside from the huge "Wander" you can find the name Breeze at the bottom right. (Credit: Riot Games)

April 21 Update

The big patch hasn't been deployed yet but Riot Games teased players with a tweet earlier today. 

More pictures and teasers were revealed just a couple of hours later.

It looks like concept art for the new map Breeze, and it seems the leaks were correct as the location is a tropical one. We'll know more later today once the 2.08 patch drops, so stay tuned for an update.

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