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Valorant's new Foxtrot map is not an April Fool's Joke

New Valorant Map Foxtrot: Release Date, Leaked Images & More

Valorant New Map Foxtrot Release Date Leaks Images
Mabye the Foxtrot map is hidden somewhere within Valorant's concept art? (Credit: Riot Games)

Valorant is adding a sixth map: Foxtrot. As per usual, data miners uncovered the upcoming Valorant Foxtrot map within Valorant's 2.06 patch data. We sum up everything there is to know.

Credit to Twitter user Valorant Leaks for... well leaking Valorant stuff. The name really does check out. Here is his tweet:

At this point, Foxtrot might still be a working title – we're not sure. What we are sure about is that this is not an April Fool's Joke. No, that honor belonged to Valorant's dating sim

Of course, you might say that one mere Tweet stating the name Foxtrot is not enough. Well, another Valorant leaker also found the Foxtrot map loading music. This leaker goes by an equally as expressive name: ValorantExpress:

Another clue was hidden within Riot's Valorant Dating Sim April Fool's Joke: The tropical island seen there can also be spotted on the TV in the kitchen of Valorant's Icebox map. Coincidence? Maybe. Are we reaching? Maybe. In any case, we wouldn't mind a tropical map.

Valorant Map Foxtrot: Release Date

There is no official confirmation for the map yet, so, naturally, there is also no release date. Still, we can speculate: Icebox, Valorant's last map, was released on October 13. That's half a year ago, and we say it seems about time to release a new map. If you ask us, we believe the Valorant Foxtrot map will be released on April 21 with the start of Episode 2 Act 3.

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