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The next bundle!

Valorant Magepunk Skins Leaked

Valorant Magepunk Skins Leaked
Valorant Magepunk could be the next bundle! (Credit: Valorleaks via Twitter)

The number of skins in Valorant has grown tremendously since the release of the game and shows no signs of stopping. The next skin bundle might be Valorant Magepunk! Here's all we know about it.

Valorant already has its fair share of cool skins and they vary from anime to winter themes and dragons. According to some recent leaks, the next Valorant skin bundle will be called Magepunk. Some fans have already made a reference to League of Legends' hextech.

In Riot's MOBA, hextech fuses magic and technology to create "create exquisite artifacts that can be wielded by anyone, not just those few with a natural aptitude for the arcane". There's no guarantee that Valorant's Magepunk was inspired by LoL's hextech but it sure reminds us of it.

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What's in the Valorant Magepunk Bundle?

So what's inside this bundle? Well, this is the sad part, looking at the featured weapon skins it's not that impressive when compared to some of the previous entries. Magepunk offers skins for:

  • Marshal
  • Bucky
  • Ghost
  • Classic
  • Spectre
  • Melee

None of these weapons are that popular and the only saving grace seems to be the Melee. So far there's no reveal on any of the animations.

How much does the Valorant Magepunk Bundle cost?

Price is another thing that's still unclear. It seems like Magepunk will be at least a Premium tier skin so the prices can be somewhere around 1775 VP per individual skin, and maybe 7000 VP for the whole bundle. Then again that might all change as there's no release date and the team could still be working on the visuals.

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When is the Valorant Magepunk Bundle Release Date?

A release date is still unclear. Worst case scenario it'll be Act II Episode III which is set to come out in late April but don't be too surprise if the skins release much sooner than expected!

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