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Valorant Leaks: Wasteland Skins and Controller Support!

Valorant Wasteland Skins
Junkyard meets Valorant (Image Credit: Riot Games)

New Valorant skin collections are on their way, just in time for Valorant Act 3. Data miners have leaked the newest collection on Twitter: Wasteland! Furthermore, there are the first hints of controller support coming to Valorant.

A new skin collection has been leaked to match the current technical disaster around Patch 1.11. via Twitter Valorant data miner published the first pictures and showcases of the new collection, which will be called Wasteland. Furthermore, there are first hints for controller support for Valorant.

The Wasteland Collection

As usual, Riot keeps releasing skins. However, since the new Reaver v2 collection is scheduled to be released around patch 1.11, we will probably have to wait for Wasteland one or two weeks more. There is also nothing known about the collection's price in Valorant Points. But since there is neither a knife included nor color variants possible (according to the current status), the skins will probably cost around 875 Valorant Points.

The new Skin collection will be available for the following weapons:

  • Sheriff
  • Shorty
  • Spectre
  • Marshall
  • Vandal
Valorant Wasteland Skins
All known skins (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Valorant With Controller?

The question of mouse + keyboard vs. controller has always been a divide in shooters. Some say that the precision with the mouse is unbeatable. Others say that controllers are much more comfortable and can be just as good together with Aim Assist. Now there are first speculations that Riot is planning to support controllers for Valorant.

A few lines of computer code are of course no proof. Some users wrote that it could refer to Spectator Mode. While some have been waiting for months for controller support, others expressed some concern about this addon. A possible Aim Assist could quickly make competitive players go crazy.

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