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Valorant in 2021: What To Expect

Valorant 2021 agents
Valorant might have a few surprises in 2021. (Credit: Riot Games)

Despite all the difficulties on a global scale it was a good year for Riot’s tactical shooter Valorant. What’s coming in 2021?

Valorant went into closed beta on April 7 which concluded on May 28. The game itself was released on June 2 and ever since then, it has been on the rise. We’ve seen numerous tournaments and players leaving their respective titles to start a career and Valorant. Riot Games made their own regional event with First Strike which came to an end in December.

The developers have been supporting the tactical shooter with regular patches, balance updates, new maps, new modes, new agents, and new skins. All in order to keep the title fresh for the players. Six months later and well into a new year, Valorant fans have a lot to look forward to in 2021. Here’s what you can expect.

Valorant Champions Tour Riot Games
The esports scene will be reignited in 2021 with the Champions Tour. (Credit: Riot Games)

More Esports Events

The Valorant esports scene was already booming in 2020 as not even the pandemic managed to slow down the game's growth. 2021 will resume the shooter's competitive aspect with the Valorant Champions Tour. Another series of tournaments spanning across the globe. Players from various regions will have the chance to prove themselves and earn a spot in one of the prestigious LAN events. Only the best will make it to the grand finals in December.

It will come as no surprise if we see more and more players from other titles make the switch to Valorant. League of Legends' competitive structure is one of the best in the world of esports and Riot definitely plan to bring the same level to Valorant.

Act III Valorant
Act III added agent Skye and a lot more. (Credit: Riot Games)

New Episodes/Acts

Long ago when the game was first released, Riot revealed that Valorant will be split into Episodes. Each episode will last for six months and include a number of Acts. So far we’ve seen three of the latter, two months per act. 2021 will mark the start of Episode 2 in Valorant which is set to kick off on January 12. This means we should expect three more Acts between now and June.

Yoru Valorant agent
Yoru is the next agent coming to Valorant. (Credit: Riot Games)

New Agents

The pool of available agents has grown in the past six months. Valorant had 8 agents in its early build. Breach and Raze were added later to increase the number to 10. Over the course of Episode 1, Riot added Reyna, Killjoy, Skye. Considering each act lasts two months, six more should be joining in 2021, Yoru was already revealed as the latest one.

In one of their previous blog posts, Riot mentioned that the number of agents they’re aiming for is rather high. Somewhere between 60 and 100. That’s a lot.

Snowball Fight Deathmatch Valorant
The Snowball Fight was a blast! (Credit: Riot Games)

New Game Modes

Initially, Valorant had a training room and the standard plant/defuse. As time went by, Riot added the fast-paced Spike Rush and the highly requested by fans Deathmatch. During the winter holidays, players were also able to enjoy a special version of DM, named Snowball Fight.

Riot made it clear they have some ideas and will probably try to sneak in as many new modes as possible in 2021. Whether the focus will remain on the social aspect remains to be seen.

Icebox Valorant map
Icebox was released back in October. (Credit: Riot Games)

New Maps

If there’s one department Valorant is lacking in it’s definitely the maps. There isn’t enough variety and so far, the number is on the low side. Riot’s shooter released with four maps – Bind, Haven, Split, and the obligatory Venice map Ascent. Ever since then, the devs have added only one additional map – Icebox.

Sure, it wasn’t perfect, but it added an extra choice and increased the number to a total of five. We’ll be really happy if Riot adds at least a few more maps in 2021.

Xbox Series X PlayStation 5
The next-gen consoles pack some serious hardware. (Credit: Sony/Microsoft)

Valorant on Other Platforms

League of Legends is already live on mobile devices thanks to Wild Rift. Riot proved it’s possible, so is Valorant about to follow the same fate? Previously, the company stated that the main focus will be on PC but consider the following:

  • Mobile gaming can draw in even more players
  • It’s an area where Valorant’s main competitor CS:GO is lacking

That’s not too much of a stretch, is it? Only time will tell. Then there’s also the case of consoles. Valorant can run on any potato PC and the latest generation of consoles is the most powerful we’ve seen reaching 4k resolutions and 120 fps. Perhaps that’ll be the better choice for Riot?

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