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How to Play Breach


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Valorant is already a year old and if you haven’t tried it yet it’s never too late. With our How to Play agent guide series you’ll get a quick introduction to each of the characters on the roster. Right now there are 15 agents. Patch 2.08 marked the beginning of the new Act 3 and added the brand-new map Breeze but didn’t introduce a new agent. That’s the first time we didn’t get an agent.

Out of the 15 available agents there are four Initiators – Sova, Skye, Astra and Breach. Astra is the latest addition to the Valorant roster but her kit makes her rather complex for new players. Her atrocious pick rate speaks for itself. If you want to make space for your team and provide plenty of crowd control there’s still a good option between the four Initiators – Breach.

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