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Check Out This Insane Valorant Gift Riot Games Gave to DJ Zedd

Valorant gift DJ Zedd
To Russia with love. | © Riot Games, DJ Zedd

Russian DJ and recording artist Zedd got an absolutely insane Spike display case from Riot Games as a gift! What’s more awesome is what the Spike-shaped display case actually holds. Let’s check out what’s inside of this Valorant Spike!

The details are not exactly clear why Zedd got the insane hook up from Riot Games but Valorant fans must be foaming at the mouth with jealousy. Inside the Spike-shaped display case is not one but three different replica melee weapons from Valorant. This is not the first time Riot Games has hooked up its content creators with stellar swag.

Zedd made this Tweet showing off the gift Riot Games sent him and he seems a little more than happy. Maybe just a bit excited.

Obviously, Zedd was stoked af and is a clear fan of Valorant, so Riot did what Riot does best and pulled off this masterstroke of marketing by hooking Zedd up with this exclusive swag.

Fans of Valorant will immediately recognize these as the Glitchpop Melee, Singularity Melee, and the Prime 2.0 Melee. The Melee Replicas are housed in a rotating display case shaped like the Spike. The hype for Valorant is mounting once again as a new agent will come in Episode 3 Act 1 and this patch should hit the severs on June 22nd. 

Other Valorant content creators have also received this Spike-shaped display case as a gift from Riot Games like that of Quarter Jade, who was equally stoked to receive such an epic piece of loot.

F’s in chat because this not for sale and no word has been given if these will ever be made available for purchase. Usually, this stuff stays exclusive, so don’t get your hopes up Valorant fans.

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