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The all-female Valorant tournament!

Valorant Game Changers Results

Valorant Game Changers is underway
Valorant Game Changers NA is the first event of the new initiative. (Credit: Riot Games)

Riot Games are trying to make Valorant a better place for everyone who's trying to pursue a career in the game's competitive scene. You can clearly tell that from Valorant Champions Tour and more notably Valorant Game Changers, a tournament made specifically for female teams. It already started!

Valorant has been out for over 9 months and the game's anniversary is drawing near. For these months, the game has grown significantly in terms of players and developed a healthy competitive scene. Valorant Game Changers was one of the latest announcements by Riot Games and it's all about female players. The event is already underway and we've got you covered.

Valorant Game Changers

The reveal of Valorant Game Changers came with a dedicated blog post by Riot on their official website.

Valorant Game Changers isn't the first all-female Valorant tournament as previously we've seen the FTW Summer Showdown. The latter took place in September 2020.

Valorant Game Changers North America Series 1

Naturally, the first Valorant Game Changers event is taking place in the North American region, the one where Valorant also enjoys the most popularity. In the tournament, we find teams from various well-known esports organizations:

  • Dignitas Female
  • TSM Female
  • Cloud9 White
  • Counter Logic Gaming Red
  • Moon Raccoons Black
  • Watch This
  • Man I Love Fwogs

All of the teams earned their spot through open qualifiers and the results so far are as follows:

After the end of day one Cloud9 White, Dignitas Female, CLG Red, and Moon Raccoons Black moved further into the upper bracket. TSM and OWA OWA dropped to the lower bracket but already managed to eliminated Fwogs and Watch This respectively. Four more series will follow later today:

  • Cloud9 White vs. Dignitas Female - 8:00 PM CET
  • CLG Red vs. Moon Raccoons Black - 8:00 PM CET
  • TSM Female vs. TBD - 11:30 PM CET
  • OWA OWA vs. TBD - 11:30 PM CET

While most teams already had their roster up and running, TSM Female was formed on March 17 and had to release one of their players last week. For the time being, they're playing with ARIANARCHIST on trial.

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The Winners

The tournament offered $50,000 in prize money and concluded this Sunday, March 28. All of the action was live on the official Valorant NA Twitch channel. The two teams that made it to the grand finals were Cloud9 White and CLG Red.

Cloud9 White had a clean run throughout the event, stomping every opponent in their way. The squad went through Man I love Fwogs, Dignitas Female, Moon Raccoons Black. In the meantime, CLG Red was knocked down to the lower bracket by Moon Raccoons Black but was able to make the climb back up. This left us with C9 White and CLG Red in the final series.

Cloud9 White proved to be the better team and grabbed $20 000 for taking first place. In the meantime, Cloud9 Blue won the NerdStreet Gamers monthly tournament.

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