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Valorant First Strike Regional Finals – The Winners

Valorant first strike europe

All the winners are clear! (Image credit: Riot Games)

Valorant’s second big tournament concluded over the weekend. The First Strike Regional Finals are finished and we know all the winners.

Yesterday was the big finale of the Valorant First Strike event series. After qualifiers and numerous tournaments, only the best teams in each region made it to the First Strike Regional Finals. Let’s take a look at who took the title in the respective regions.

North America

The first place in what’s arguably the most contested Valorant region went in the way of 100 Thieves. The final clash was against TSM and it ended with a decisive 3:1 victory in favor of 100 Thieves.


G2 were definitely the favorites here but we saw some twists at the end. Team Heretics surprised everyone by taking out G2. Later on, they faced SUMN FC in the grand finals, taking the series 3:1.


The best team in the CIS region was forZe. The grand finals were quite the contest against Team Singularity. In the end, forZe took the series 3:2.


Unlike all the regions above, Turkey’s playoffs had a double-elimination bracket instead of single. Despite that, BBL Esports remained undefeated throughout the event. In the finals, they faced Futbolist and took the series 3:0.


In Korea, we had two major organizations with Cloud9 and T1. Much like in Europe, the underdogs ended up taking the title. Vision Strikers took the title after a convincing victory against TNL Esports in the grand finals.


The absolute winners in Japan were Absolute JUPITER. The team’s performance was outstanding as they didn’t even lose a single map during the entire event.


Unlike in Europe and Korea, the favorites in Oceania didn’t disappoint. EXO Clan stomped all competition finishing their run in the Regional Finals undefeated


In Brazil, the title was taken by Gamelanders. The team faced paiN Gaming in the finals and the latter stood no chance. Brazil’s Regional Finals also featured an MVP award which was given to Leonardo "mwzera" Serrati from Gamelanders.

Asia Pacific

  • Thailand – MiTH.Attitude
  • Philippines – Bren Esports
  • Malaysia and Singapore - TODAK
  • Indonesia – Team nxl
  • Hong Kong and Taiwan - ahq e-Sports Club

Latin America

  • North – LazerKlan
  • South – Estral Esports


  • GCC and Iraq – RvN
  • Levant and Egypt – NASR Esports
  • North Africa – Fox Gaming

Those were all the winners in each of the regions. Did your favorite team take first place? Tell us on our Facebook page!

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