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Valorant - Everything You Need To Know About Episode 2 Act 1 - NEW AGENT

Valorant Episode 2 Akt 1
Episode 2 Act 1 brings with it a new Agent and a lot more new content! (Credit: Riot Games)

Valorant has joined the ranks of competitive online shooters like Counter-Strike in 2020, and Riot Games have been able to excite many fans with their latest free-to-play title. Episode 1 of Valorant was a success, but we fans regularly crave new content. And soon the time will finally come - Episode 2 of Valorant is coming!

That Episode 2 Act 1 is coming soon shouldn't be too much of a surprise - fans have been speculating about the new season's content for weeks thanks to a few leaks and rumors. But now the speculation is over. Read on to see everything you need to know about the new Agent Yoru, the new Battle Pass and the "Run It Back" skin pack!

Valorant new Agent Yoru
The new Agent Yoru looks really cool! (Credit: Riot Games)

New Agent: Yoru

We've been expecting it for a long time...but now it's official - Yoru is the next agent in Valorant! The official description from Riot sums up the character of the young Japanese man well:

Japanese Yoru rips holes in reality to get behind enemy lines unobserved. He relies equally on misdirection and aggression, and is already one step ahead of his opponents before they know what's happening to them.

Yoru is an infiltration duelist and relies on multiple tools to reposition himself or create illusions. So he will be the perfect choice for all Valorant players who like to sneak around through the maps to confuse and flank their opponents. He sounds like a very welcome addition to the agent roster, we're definitely looking forward to playing with him!

John "Riot MEMEMEME" Goscicki, Product Lead - Characters at Riot Games, describes Yoru this way:

When we were talking about the goals for this agent, we realized it was time to mix VALORANT up a bit. We toyed with the idea of "stealth infiltration" for years, but were never able to incorporate it. We thought we could [...] develop an agent that was all about this stealth infiltration. On the other hand, we also wanted Yoru to be an agent that you could have really EPIC moments with in the game. So those rounds after which you feel like you're the best player ever when you've done everything right.
Valorant new Agent Yoru
Yoru looks pretty cool and we can't wait to see him in action! (Credit: Riot Games)

These are the official abilities for Yoru:

  • C: IMITATION Equip yourself with an echo that, when activated, imitates steps. In FIRE MODE, activate the echo and send it forward. In ALT. FIRE MODE place the echo. Use the inactive echo to send it forward.
  • E: SURPRISE VISIT Equip yourself with a crack anchor/portal. In FIRE MODE, send the anchor forward. In ALT. FIRE MODE place the anchor. ACTIVATE it to teleport to the anchor's position.
  • Q: OVERRUMPLE Equip yourself with it to rip an unstable dimensional fragment out of reality. In FIRE mode, throw the fragment. This will charge and activate a lightning bolt after bouncing off a hard surface in the world.
  • X: DIMENSION DRIFT Equip yourself with a mask to see between dimensions. In FIRE MODE, you drift into Yoru's dimension. Your enemies cannot see you or harm you from the outside.
Valorant Episode 2 Act 1 Battle Pass
Along with Episode 2 Act 1 also comes a new Battle Pass. (Credit: Riot Games)

Episode 2 Act 1 - New Battle Pass

Mit der Veröffentlichung von Valorant Episode 2 Akt 1 kommt Riot Games natürlich auch mit einem neuen Kampfpass um die Ecke. Wie immer gibt euch der Kampfpass eine Reihe an coolen Ingame-Inhalten. Diesmal gibt es drei Reihen an neuen Skins - Infinity, Outpost und Aerosol.

With the release of Valorant Episode 2 Act 1, Riot Games of course also comes around with a new Battle Pass. As always, the Battle Pass gives you a bunch of cool in-game content. This time there are three sets of new skins - Infinity, Outpost and Aerosol.

Here we have for you all the contents of the Battle Pass for Valorant Episode 2 Act 1:

  • 1,000 VP
  • 12 weapon skins (plus 3 variant sets for one of the skin series), 1 melee skin, talismans, banners, graffiti, and titles

Popular Items:

  • Phantom - Infinity plus 3 variants
  • Classic - Infinity plus 3 variants (free for all players from level 50)
  • Operator - Aerosol
  • Melee - Outpost
  • Talisman "Salt Shaker"
  • Graffiti "Choose my weapon"
  • Versus banner "Omen and Sage"

The battle pass will be valid in the period January 12 - March 1. We guess that's how long Episode 2 Act 1 will probably run.

Valorant Episode 2 Act 1 Run it Back Skins
Along with Episode 2 Act 1 comes also a new skin pack to Valorant - the Run it Back-Pack. (Credit: Riot Games)

New Skins: Run it Back-Pack

Along with the release of Episode 2 Act 1 comes a set of new skins to Valorant - the Run it Back-Pack. The pack is designed to make some favorites from Episode 1 available again and features a number of animations, visual effects, audio and variants. See all the information about this package here:

  • Ghost - Sovereign
  • Phantom - Oni
  • Spectre - Prime
  • Ares - Nebula
  • Operator - Spline
  • Price: VP 5,946, 33% discount per item when purchased as part of the bundle.


That's it - until January 12th, when Valorant Episode 2 Act 1 is scheduled to be released.

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