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The Most Common Valorant Error Codes and How To Fix Them (UPDATED)

The most common Valorant error codes and how to fix them
You've probably seen this one! (Credit: Riot Games)

It's almost a year since people were able to first lay their hands on Riot's tactical shooter Valorant. But guess what? It still has plenty of bugs and errors go rampant after every big patch. Here's how to fix the most error codes!

Valorant had a big patch last week and some players are already struggling to get back into the game. Is the fault on the user end or Riot's? Who knows? Anyway, we've got you covered with some of the errors that light up like a Christmas tree after every patch.

Valorant Error Codes and How to Fix Them

Note that this won't be a complete list and sometimes the solution might not work. In the latter make sure you raise a ticket with the Valorant support. Without further ado let's get into it.

March 17 Update - Error 0xc0000005

With the release of the latest patch (2.05) players got an unexpected surprise! We're talking about Error 0xc0000005. This code has appeared previously but resurged after the most recent update. It's important to note that this error isn't appearing because you've done something wrong and it'll be up to Riot Games to patch it out. A Riot employee commented on Reddit:

We're currently investigating a fix for this. One of the client updates is not playing nicely with some non-riot software on some players' machines. We're working to narrow it down and get a fix out as soon as possible.

While we recommend you wait it out, here are a few ways to ensure your machine isn't causing Error 0xc0000005:

  • Disable your antivirus
  • Disable Data Execution Prevention in Windows - the latest patch might have a conflict with it
  • Check your Windows files with System File Checker

If that doesn't solve it for you just wait for the Riot devs to work their magic. Now onto the actual error codes.

#4 - Your display name is invalid

Something's up with your Riot ID. You can change it on the Valorant website.

#5 - Account was logged into elsewhere

You're logged somewhere else so just try logging out on all possible devices.

#7 - Couldn't connect to session service

This one might mean you're on the naughty list aka you have a suspension on your account. Check your email. Then again it could be a temporary issue after a new patch.

#8-21 - Problems with the Riot Client

The client might be bugged, just restart it. Maybe it needs an update.

#29 - Network Issue

Check your firewall and make sure Valorant isn't blocked by another program.

#31, 33, 38, 43 - Various issues

Could be an issue with the client or Valorant, try restarting both.

#39 - Servers are down

Just wait it out.

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#44, 45 - Vanguard issues

Try restarting the Riot client. If that doesn't work uninstall Vanguard and install it again by launching Valorant.

#46 - Planned downtime

The problem is not on your end, it's just planned maintenance on the servers. Better than #39!

agent Cypher Valorant
Sometimes it feels like Cypher did some serious damage to the servers. (Credit: Riot Games)

#49, 50 - Chat/Voice did not initialize

An issue with the Chat just restart the Riot client.

#51 - Problem creating a party

An issue with the party system, restart the Riot client.

#52 - Problem fetching skill information for players

An issue with the party system, restart the Riot client.

#53 - Problem with Riot Client chat

What could possibly solve this? That's right, restart the Riot client.

#-81 - Service Start Failed

If you thought a mere restart will help here, you're partially correct. Restart your PC and if you're still getting the error uninstall and do a fresh installation of Valorant and Vanguard.

# VAN -81 - Connection error

This is a fresh one from the last two patches (2.05 and 2.06). It became more common after they were deployed and restarting the client or reinstalling Vanguard might not help. If you have FACEIT installed try removing it, if that doesn't work try stopping the "vgc" process in Task Manager.

#152 - HWID ban

You got hardware banned. Was it for a good reason? If not, raise a ticket.

Valorant agents
Is Viper viable after patch 2.06? (Credit: Riot Games)

How to fix the Valorant version mismatch error

In case you're getting the Valorant version mismatch error there's also a solution and it's pretty similar to what we've described above. Our friends at have a more detailed explanation regarding the error that you should definitely check out.

Let's summarize it. You've probably gotten the hang of it by now. Most error codes are easily solved with a restart of the Riot client and/or Valorant. In some cases, you might have to restart your PC and reinstall it. If all fails, just contact the Valorant support.

We hope this article helps some of you! What's the most common error code you got so far? Tell us on Facebook or Twitter! Create your own MyEarlyGame account to customize the content on our website and enter exclusive giveaways!