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The Biggest Changes in Episode 3 Act 1


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Valorant is already a year old and if you haven’t tried it yet it’s never too late. With our How to Play agent guide series you’ll get a quick introduction to each of the characters on the roster. Right now there are 16 agents. Patch 3.00 added KAY/O, the long-awaited new agent that we didn’t get with the 2.08 update.
Valorant has been having issues with agent balance, the in-game economy, and the dreaded Run and Gun forever. With the arrival of patch 3.00, Riot Games really tried to remedy all of that.
The new agent KAY/O is a throwback to classic FPS titles and he really shakes up the meta. With access to a frag grenade, a flashbang, and a way to disable enemy abilities, KAY/O can mess up with the enemy strategy. His ult makes him a better killer and instead of dying, he’ll enter a downed state. Teammates can then revive him back up if they arrive in time.
Numerous other agents got their ability costs nerfed and some even got a rework. The weapon economy also received an overhaul and maybe we’ll stop seeing the same three weapons over and over.


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