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New Valorant Act will provide us with some fresh memes!

Episode 3 Act 2 - Gun Buddies, Sprays, and Player Cards

Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 Cosmetics
To the moon! | © Valorant

As it turns out, Valorant Episode 3 Act 2 is not just a new lore, new map, and skins, but also memes! Let's take a look at the cosmetics we'll be able to get in the new Battle Pass.

In the new Valorant Battle Pass, Riot has decided to focus on memes. Dogecoin, Bernie Sanders, Skins giving aimbot — this is just a part of what we will get in Episode 3 Act 2. In-game cosmetics are staples of any Battle Pass and make up most Tiers — and who doesn't like memes? Gun buddies, player cards, and sprays in the new Valorant Act are really worth grinding for. Yesterday @Cydrose_ got permission from Riot Games to publish all of the new Act cosmetics; let's see what we'll be grinding for in the next Valorant Battle Pass!

Episode 3 Act 2: Gun Buddies

Episode 3 Act 2 comes with 10 new gun buddies, one of which has the Dogecoin theme! It will be available in two variants — Gold and Normal. We don't know yet if you have to spend any Radianite Points to get this upgrade; you might get it for completing one of the Battle Pass Tiers. We also get a genie lamp, a compass, a ship.... Anyway, see for yourself:

Episode 3 Act 2 Gun Buddies
All Episode 3 Act 2 Gun Buddies | Source: Twitter, @Cydrose_

Episode 3 Act 2: Sprays

It is not the most commonly used cosmetic, but we think this may change with the new Patch. All the sprays look just so much better than the previous ones, and it's not even close! All the attention from the community was stolen by one particular Spray called "Not Impressed". Looks familiar?

One thing that worries us is that there are no new Agent leaks in these Sprays; they are primarily memes. But well, we still have a week until the release of Episode 3 Act 2, so who knows what Riot has in store for us.

Episode 3 Act 2 Sprays
All Episode 3 Act 2 Sprays | Source: Twitter, @Cydrose_

Episode 3 Act 2: Player Cards

Lastly, Player Cards; the cosmetic we see before every game of Valorant, and here again, we have some memes. We can see that Riot is winking at all players who think skins give an "aimbot" by using a Player Card that suggests that Prime Vandal guarantees us a Radiant rank. Here, as in the case of Doge Gun Buddy, we can see the golden cosmetic, but for now, there's no official information on how to get it.

Episode 3 Act 2 Player Cards
All Episode 3 Act 2 Player Cards | Source: Twitter, @Cydrose_

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