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Valorant Dating Sim April Fools Leak

Is the Valorant Dating Sim Real?

Valorant April Fools Joke
Who will you date? Dibs on Sage! (Credit: Riot Games)

Riot Games, like many other gaming companies, got in on the April Fool's madness with quite the funny Valorant Agent Dating Sim: Valorant Agents of Romance. But did the April Fool's joke contain a legit leak hinting at a new unreleased Valorant Map? Let’s dive into the rumors!

Perhaps many Valorant fans wish that this dating sim was actually real, but of course, they should realize this will never happen. As fun as it is to learn about Jett’s love of fast food and cooking shows, the April Fool's joke might have revealed background art hinting at Valorant’s next map!


Valorant April Fools Joke Jett sage
100% would play if it was real! (Credit: Riot Games)

Where Is the Leak in the Valorant April Fool's Joke?

Many suspect that the background art used in this April Fool's joke hints at new assets from the upcoming Valorant map. The only thing we know about this next Valorant location is its (code)name - Foxtrot. If you look closely at the dating sim, the background art contains locations never seen in Valorant before.

Valorant April Fools Joke
Look carefully at the background art! (Credit: Riot Games)

What is Foxtrot? Is it A New Map?

So far Foxtrot is only a codename and might not actually be the map’s real name. The popular Twitter Account Valorant Leaks, suggests the name Foxtrot comes from a rogue audio file data mined from the Valorant game files. This audio clip is thought to be the loading screen music for a new Valorant map.

The loading screen music sounds a bit tropical and led many to link it to the background art seen in the April Fool's joke which also seems to be a tropical location. A pretty thin connection but simple enough to might actually be true. Obviously, nothing has been confirmed by Riot Games, but one this is true: Valorant desperately needs more maps.

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